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What is the hardest game you have played or seen someone play


Theres this super hard game i found called "trying to gain reputation on the terraria forums". I've been trying to beat it for 3 years

you dont have to feel bad for me, i kinda ditched the forums for like 2 years because i stopped playing terraria
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Apex Legends for me but I still like it. I found boosting service https://overboost.pro to help me complete the hardest tasks. It's perfect place for any gamer. Their boosters help to enhance performance during the battle. You don’t need to worry about your lack of skills or savvy allies who always try to steal your kills or loot. So convy.
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The hardest BotW boss would be Thunderblight. He makes you lose your weapons, he moves at inane speeds, you can’t dodge some of his attacks and the second phase attack is impossible because the camera is terrible when using Magnesis
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