What is the most rare thing you own?


Exactly what the title says. Mine is probably Golden Thomas. They were selling Thomas toys, and there was an ad on TV that said they were packing a Golden Thomas with randomly selected playset. I bought playset after playset. I got all the other figures they put in, but never Thomas. But eventually I found Golden Thomas. I treasure it to this day. =P

Anyways, what is the rarest thing you own?
I own a Korean copy of Pokemon Silver, that I can't play on my American Gameboy Color. It's definitely that or the couple signed books I have.
i have a collector Rodney Mullen skateboard that i ride even though thee only like 2,500 in the world and i had an older board autographed by a couple pros thats about it
When I was in Germany, I befriended and assisted a woman who was getting involved in fashion. As such, I ended up with several custom-made, one-of-a-kind dresses and outfits.

I mean, I guess they're not really "rare", even though there's none like them in the world, just "unique." Though, if she gets really big in the fashion industry, they'll become rare.
i dont own many rare items but i have a couple that are rarer than most items. in my basement there is this dragon mask from indonesia that scares the heck out of me and on my desk i have a few shelves. in one of them is a globe my parents got me from italy when i was a kid (they didnt take me though) that looks kind of like it was made sometime between 1300-1700 ad
Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. Not sure how rare it is, but it's probably the most rare thing that I own.

Also, a blue gameboy advance with "toys r us" on the top of it. I haven't seen any of these on eBay, so I'm guessing that it's valuable in some way?
i have nothing thats really rare .-. i am not very lucky but i have things that mean so much to me and that personal value is rare ^-^
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