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Movie What is the worst movie logic you have ever seen?

Discussion in 'Other Media (Non-Gaming: Movies, TV, etc.)' started by Captain Cobalt, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Yaster Goodman

    Yaster Goodman Headless Horseman

    Johnny English, a movie in which the Queen of England has political power.
  2. Cubicality

    Cubicality The Destroyer

    Pretty sure they do, but it's about equal to the power of one senator in the US.
  3. Alabaster

    Alabaster Skeletron Prime

    And where a top agent is Rowan Atkinson. I don't want to see Stephen Fry gunning down terrorists in a helicopter.
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  4. aWolfen

    aWolfen Terrarian

    Apparently movie actors don't salivate.
    Because when they brush their teeth, absolutely nothing comes out.
  5. Tsuki

    Tsuki Terrarian

    A large portion of zombie movies, where a rag-tag group of individuals have to band together to survive a zombie apocalypse. The director wants us to believe that these are real people, with real problems, and try to make them believable as such.

    However, in many zombie movies, not one of these "Real people" refers to them as "zombies."

    I hear "infected", "risen", "undead", and other things. But in a lot of zombie movies, it's like the director wants to force the fact that it's not a zombie movie by purposely avoiding using the word. And no, I'm not talking stuff like "28 days later" where people argue they're not zombie since they're not walking corpses, I'm talking like Resident Evil and stuff.


    Happens with more than just zombies, too, obviously. But zombies are notable example. And I recognize and accept "Some movies take place before Zombie was a word" as an excuse.
  6. Red_Hokkaido

    Red_Hokkaido Plantera

    "I'm just going to shoot this 50 story tall monster with my pistol, what could go wrong!?"
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  7. Mattix

    Mattix Skeletron Prime

    Horror movies: obviously, we all know. Characters look behind when chased. And heroes are dumb.

    Action movies: Arnie never ran out of bullets. k.

    American movies: half of the city gets destroyed by one man chasing another man in cars.

    Basically any movie with superheroes: there is one "chosen one", who has hyper powers and uses them to crash bank robbers' faces. Their latex suits magically stop bullets.

    We can't forget about the boom crash crackadabdoom explosions!
  8. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    - Vehicles immediately exploding after a crash. In some movies people apparently drive or fly around in explosive warheads, where even a minor crash can make big explosions. I hate Michael Bay for being the worst offender.

    - Vehicles that just keep on going after jumping from a ramp or hill, smashing against the asphalt. After pulling a stunt like that a regular car will be sure to give up sooner or later. Usually sooner because of exploded tires.

    - Bullets traveling through water. Most of a bullet's velocity is gone when it hits the water's surface, only going on for about a half meter or 2 meters, depending on what type of gun was used. (Pistol rounds travel farther than sniper rounds, the faster the bullet the harder the impact on the water and thus the faster it'll stop). But in movies you see the bullets go through water like a hot knife through butter.
    Sure, 2 meter is still pretty far, but the gun is usually fired from an angled position, not straight above the water. Besides, somewhere along this 2 meter distance the bullet has lost enough velocity to bounce right off you.

    - Already mentioned, but yeah, horror movies. If there's any sign of danger a normal person would try to find safety and call for help, not run outside (or inside, based on where the danger is lurking) and search for the source. A normal person would stay together with other people, not split up. Strength in numbers, idiots.

    - Cars not starting when something bad is going to happen. Apparently any form of danger: murderers, ghosts, zombies, angry neighbours, rabid raccoons; somehow emanates some form of EMP, rendering cars useless. Usually they do start, right at the last moment. How friggin' convenient.

    - Gun fights where people fail to hit anyone. Now I haven't fired a gun in my life, but is it really that hard to take an extra few seconds to properly line up a shot instead of redecorating the room by emptying the clip in 3 seconds?

    - Special mention of the movie "The Core". Oh dear, the planet is going to stop spinning (which was apparently an accomplishment of humankind), no worries, we'll dig ourselves into the core with some sort of super duper subway train and reboot the system with a couple of nukes.
    Ab. So. Lute. Ly. Ridiculous.I have NO idea how people come up with this kind of :red: AND somehow find money, a director and cast to make such a piece of :red: possible.
    The Core is ofcourse not the only movie where ridiculous disasters happen and are solved through even more ridiculous means, but it sure is one of the worst.

    These kinda popped up immediately, but I'm sure I've got more.
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  9. Kyouko Tsukino

    Kyouko Tsukino Steampunker

    Depends on the situation - sometimes you don't have those extra seconds to think or aim. If I had a huge, wild feline running my way, I would be shooting in its general direction as fast as I can while running in the opposite direction.

    But in most movies, it's just the "Storm Trooper Shooting Academy" effect at work - make one side look good at dodging by making the other suck at shooting.

    "The Core" and "The Day After Tomorrow" are two of the worst offenders when it comes to "Fiction science" used in movies. No, it's not "science-fiction", that would require that the writer had at least basic knowledge of how science - and its laws - works. But let's not forget "2012" or "Armageddon."

    I take disaster movies as comedies - good for a laugh, and that's all they're good for.
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  10. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    That's true, I would do the same. But in movies they are often trained professionals who just can't seem to shoot straight. Yeah, Star Wars is probably the best example. x) (I also love how that stormtrooper armour can't handle the primitive weaponry of a bunch of undersized teddybears. Boy, stormtroopers are possibly the worst soldiers in any movie ever.)

    Same here, but with The Core I couldn't even do that. I could only cry.
    The movie 2012, well, at least they did not try to involve science there. Just a silly movie based on that all too popular rumour that the world was going to end in 2012, one way or another. (Speaking of, is there a new date set yet? x)
  11. Kyouko Tsukino

    Kyouko Tsukino Steampunker

    I heard the cool new date is 2017. And 2020 if that fails.

    Stormtrooper armor may have a "logical" explanation. Could be that the armor made to resist lasers, not blunt objects - specialized gear is only good for the things it specializes in.
  12. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    Great, I hope it's during the summer. I'll keep cold beer in the fridge.
    Very true, kevlar wouldn't do much against a properly sharpened spear either I guess, as does a warhammer.
    Still, damn, it looks dorky. I do wonder what the armour IS specialized in though, since lasers seem to kill them outright as well. :D
  13. AnarchyBlues

    AnarchyBlues Terrarian

    This scene from the the beginning of Fast Five:

    You don't have to be even remotely interested in cars to realize right away that this falls deep within Looney Tunes territory. How the hell does 1 - 1.5 tons of car manage to flip over 15 tons of bus? Hell, the accumulated weight of the prisoners on that bus is probably higher than the car's weight. I doubt even a head on collision would slow the bus down much, and all this guy (yeah rip) had to do is hit the freaking brakes in front of it- .-'

    What's worse, it's implied that everybody on that bus actually survived this bull:red:.
  14. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    Oh man. Don't get me started. Dunno if it is the same movie from this franchise, but the part where they drag a gigantic safe with two cars, using it as a flail to hit police cars and all that crap. I cried and cringed. Physics? Not needed to make that piece of :red: movie apparently.
  15. Kyouko Tsukino

    Kyouko Tsukino Steampunker

    Not sure if the fifth or sixth of that saga, but there's this one that ends in a fight that's basically happening on a car hanging from a plane by a wire or some other :red: that shouldn't be able to keep a car hanging from a plane stably. And it's not just a five seconds fight, no, it takes like ten minutes.

    The Fast and Furious saga should have died with its main actor. It wasn't even trying to make sense anymore.
  16. DestroyerOfTheDestroyer

    DestroyerOfTheDestroyer The Destroyer

    Sharks can survive a tornado, therefore space is no problem for them.
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  17. AnarchyBlues

    AnarchyBlues Terrarian

    Yeah I actually had to flip a coin to chose which to post here. The bus won.
  18. Warpshard

    Warpshard Retinazer

    In Pacific Rim, where they spend a bunch of time and money building a wall to stop the Kaiju. Not a defense system, just a big wall. Did it ever occur to them that there could possibly just be one that flies over it?

    Also, in Transformers: AoE, when KSI decides to build their own Transformers using data from the head of Megatron. They also use Brains and Ratchet, but their primary source is Megatron. Megatron survived having the source of their entire race thrust into his chest and exploding (albeit with some help from resident doctor Scalpel and Reedman getting the Allspark shard), so it seems probable that he would survive decapitation. Heck, there are Transformers who have their head removed and made into a suit of armor for a human/Nebulan/robot to wear, so why the hell didn't they think that Megatron's head could still be online?