Book What is your favorite book?

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  1. TheSandboxGamer

    TheSandboxGamer Terrarian

    Here's a few series that I've really enjoyed:

    - The Culture series, by Iain Banks. Great space opera series with plenty of dark humor and moral dilemmas.

    - The NASA trilogy, by Stephen Baxter. Three separate books (no interconnecting storylines), each exploring different fictional NASA missions and the ramifications thereof. Moonseed is probably my favorite of the three, but the others are all amazing.

    -Discworld, by Terry Pratchett, especially the City Watch sub-series. Great characters, humor, and storylines all mixed in an amazing fantasy setting.

    -The Saga of Seven Suns, by Kevin Anderson. Another space opera, with politics, space battles, genocidal alien races, and all that.

    -Pretty much anything by Brandon Sanderson. His Cosmere books are amazing fantasy writing and every one of them is great. Also a bit of state pride there, since he's from Utah and so am I.
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  2. General Qi

    General Qi Terrarian

    The Elminster Series
    The Wheel of Time Series
    The Symphony of the Ages Series
  3. Cute Little Snek

    Cute Little Snek The Destroyer

    Monster Musume- Need I Explain?

    Bone- It's Pretty Good, Infact, I Read Them All Again A Few Months Back.
  4. WilliG

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    Good Omens.
    It's the funniest book I have ever read. It's about the Son of Satan. Satan sends his son up to earth so that it can take over the world after it is raised by saitanists. However there is a mix up at the hospital. So the baby is raised by an average Christian family and he starts to discover his power.
    The best part of the book is the relationship between the two main characters: The Demon and The Angel.
    Highly recommend.
    Written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
  5. the first prism

    the first prism Eye of Cthulhu

    Gone series , Michael grant
  6. superscrub42

    superscrub42 Skeletron Prime

    Probably the Discworld series, specifically Eric. It's a really great series you should read!
  7. Thee Pie Man

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    Fablehaven series was quite good, although I don't really know what would classify as my favorite. I've read hundreds of books...

    I also really liked "The great book of amber" which is like 12 books in a huge tome/compilation.
    R.A. Salvatore also writes some really good books in the forgotten realm series.