PC What is your favorite event, and why?

What is your favorite event? (Tell me why!)

  • Celestial Pillars

  • Pumpkin Moon

  • Frost Legion

  • Frost Moon

  • Goblin Army

  • Martian Madness

  • Party

  • Old One's Army

  • Slime Rain

  • Pirate Invasion

  • Solar Eclipse

  • Blood Moon

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Toss up between Pirate Invasion and Pumpkin Moon. The Pirates are easy to control and defeat and are great for farming keys. It's the easiest event to trigger. Pumpkin Moon because I can get to wave 15 with lots of trophies easily. Lots of useful items for building or selling too.
I have to say the Celestial pillars are by far my favorite event. The atmosphere they provide is awe-inspiring and I remember fighting the pillars for the first time was truly a great experience. Especially when trying to get through with no deaths without Lunar gear.
Frost Moon. I love the Santa theme, elves, snow and everything snow related. The music is perfect; cheerful while also providing a nice rhythm to fight with.
And, unlike my least favourite, the Solar Eclipse, this event presents itself when I'm asking for it and does not overstay its welcome.
I am stuck between the Celestial Pillars and the Solar Eclipse. They both give out or have a chance to give crafting materials that create really cool weapons.
My favorite is the Martian Madness because it was a really good idea to add in 1.3 and i love the alien feel and its something terraria was missing for awhile. Also it has really good loot.
Just the Blood Moon. Not quite as annoying as a Solar Eclipse when you're trying to build stuff on the surface.
I'm rather fond of the Martian madness event, Love the music and all the sci-fi themed enemies, good way to farm coins and get awesome loot also like how you see UFO's flying around in the background.
There are quite a few events I like.

Party takes my pick, mostly because it's the most chill of the events in the poll, and I really love the background while this goes on. Plus, I have an excuse to spam my Confetti Guns.

Blood Moon is a close second. While troublesome early game, after mid-game pre-Hardmode it becomes easier, and by the time you reach Hardmode it's a complete joke. During this time, I can actually afford to harvest Deathweed since during that time they actually give seeds as well.

Goblin Army is fun in multiplayer, and plus you can get quite a bit of money from it.

Slime rain is okay, but mostly because it's somewhat easier to find Pinky to get some pink gel for potions that restore both HP and MP with the increased spawn rate.
Honestly, I would say Pirate Invasion, simply because the furniture you get from it sells nicely, the accessories and weapons are extremely useful (eg. Greedy Ring and Coin Gun) and the two bosses each add something interesting that isnt added by the other two invasions, since the Martian Madness' boss is the Martian Saucer which is essentially, if you dont have a box, get ruined. While the goblin army only has a boss in hardmode, and while she is cool and all, she doesnt have much long term use.

But the pirates, they have the Flying Dutchman, which volleys you with cannon fire and pirates, but also drops a trophy and assorted goodies, and the pirate captain, which will ruin you if you dont notice him slowly and dramatically walking about.
i like the pumpkin moon because i like to slaughter pumpkings with afk farms. i would like the frostmoon even more if it was farmable :sigh:
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