PC What is your favorite item? (Expert Mode Only)


What is your favorite item special only to Expert Mode? Mine is Eye Of Cthultu Shield, cuz it's a shield. And i love to use it with Thorns Potion + it has a mouth.
With the shield I'm pretty sure you don't take damage so thorns is useless. It does deal damage however, I'm pretty sure it has 20 melee damage.

Anyway, to stay on topic, mine would have to be the shrimpy truffle as ever since I've gotten it I have loved it. If you want to move fast use the RoD and get under half health to move quickly. If you want high speed for a boss just set up water in bubbles. It takes more work than the UFO, sure, but it's speed is not matchable.
Worm Scarf for practicality. I never took it off, even against Moon Lord.

Mechanical Cart counts, right? I appreciate it greatly, during the times I use it.
Maybe Demon Heart counts too?

If not, then I would go with Spore Sac. Makes me feel protected. :dryadgrin:
Royal Gel. First off, daytime is completely peaceful, so it's perfect for working on projects. Secondly, it provides you with COMPLETE IMMUNITY to a common enemy which has its own event. Lastly... well, just look at my username. I love slimes.

Definitely the Shiny Stone. That thing refills your health pretty damn fast.
That's a very close second for me.
Royal gel
Makes going to hell so much better and really it is just so nice to add to your extra slot.
For me it's the Suspicious Looking Tentacle that summons the floating Eye Ball Pet based off the Moon Lord's True Eyes of Cthulhu.

It's my favorite Light Pet in the game. On top of being very bright for exploring underground and revealing the location of Ore, I just love how it's a floating Eye that's attached to you in a way. It's also very cute <3
I like the shiny stone but usually if you're nearly dead you don't have time to sit around and heal up. If you are not standing still, it doesn't do anything (besides accessory modifier) for you right
Royal Gel such an underrated item. It protects you from Gastropods, Spiked Jungle/Ice slimes and Lava slimes. These are most annoying enemies.

Suspricious looking tentacle is second favourite, just looks cool and reacts on treasures, critters, friendly and hostile NPC's.
Either the Worm Scarf, Shield of Cthulhu or the Shiny Stone for me.

The Worm Scarf is great overall. and becomes even more essential later in game with monsters dealing more damage.

The Shield of Cthulhu feels unique, it adds a special melee attack that you can use early in game, and now you can just dash towards the enemy to avoid damage, really useful and fun to use.

Shiny Stone is great when it comes to waiting for your health to fully regenerate. and there have been enough situations where it saved a lot of boring time waste. :D
It's either Cute Fishron or the Bone Glove.

Cute Fishron is a VERY strong mount with infinite flight (helpful for building), which it only shares with the UFO and the drill, extreme speed, and a damage boost. It also looks very cute.

The Bone Glove might not be that strong by the time you get it, but it sure is very fun to use, with ammunition that can be farmed with relative ease.
The Shield Of Cthulhu is super useful even in Hardmode, so it's one of my favorite Expert items, but the Worm Scarf is a life saver too. The Shiny Stone is a late-game item, but it's very useful when fighting with invasions, because the regen is sooo much faster, even when moving around.
The Shield Of Cthulhu is super useful even in Hardmode, so it's one of my favorite Expert items

I remember using it up til early hardmode, because the dash is really helpful. But there's some point at early hardmode and before solar flare armor where its usefulness sharply drops (iirc it's because the damage is too low and more sustained mobility is better than a short burst of speed when evading the hardmode enemies).
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