What is your Favorite Stage of Terraria?

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My favorite part of the game has to be whole pre-hardmode. Starting pretty weak and upgrading your character feels very satisfying, specially when u get better accesories to improve your movement. I also enjoy how important exploration is, and basically looting everything on sight to get stronger. Making houses and setting up a pylon network is also nice if you get more creative than just making a bunch of shoe boxes and NPCs. You can be pretty relaxed and take your time.

In contrast, early hardmode (pre mechs) is kinda boring for me, it's just ''rush to the crimson to break altars while dying a couple of times in the process, get just the right amount of stuff to skip Cobalt and Mythril entirely, die several times again, rush back to the crimson to break more altars because Adamantite gear is too expensive, die a bunch, and repeat until you get Adamantite stuff.'' And then you have to farm a bunch of souls to make the boss summons. And the pirates can invade you anytime while you are doing this. And the Corruption spreads pretty fast, too.

For me at least, it's a pretty monotonous stage of the game, though getting wings is pretty amazing.
Prehardmode I disagree with but yeah, I feel like the Pirates should be something that only happens after you beat a single Mech boss. As being underpowered and fighting them is just an unpleasant experience.

Playing Terraria for the first time has a certain unbeatable and unmatched charm to it. And the mask of Pre-Hardmode exemplifies that. Pre-Hardmode has such a charm to it's simplicity and wonder, I've probably spent hours in it or reflecting on my first experience with the game way back then... Nostolgia aside it's finnominal.


Probably pre-bosses. Always fun to first explore the world, even if you are too limited to do anything too much fun with building.

If it's a corruption world, then all it takes to get my first decent set of gear though is the demo guy and buy a bunch of grenades. Crimson is a different story, though, and I'll often work my way to better gear in other ways (I might get meteorite armor, or silver/gold armor, etc).


Post-Plantera. The selection of weapons and armor in this stage are too much to choose from and Golem and the Lunatic Cultist are fun to beat too. A lot of things happen after Plantera: Frost or Pumpkin moon, after Golem Martian Madness, Dungeon loot, and so much more.


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My favorite probably has to be post-plantera. I love playing Mage, and beating plantera gives access to so many awesome weapons like the magnet sphere or nightglow, as well as the spectre armor. Post-moon lord is also nice, having access to so many fun tools and weapons can allow you to traverse and modify your world extremely quickly.

I have mixed feelings about Pre-bosses. It can either be the most fun thing in the world, or the worst nightmare of any player. It truly depends on which class you play (mages and summoners don't have a way to defend themselves at the very start, unless they luck their way into a wand of sparking or finch staff, respectively. This can be quite frustrating, especially at night), and how lucky you get with early caves.

Pre-hardmode is decent, it has quite some fun moments, the boss fights are nice, but I really dislike the fact that you can just fight the evil biome boss for a few shadow scales and evil ore (don't even have to kill it), and just skip straight to underworld armor and weapons. Now, having some sort of way to go off the rails and skip a portion of the game is always nice, but... This is just too much, it makes some things like bee armor and hornet staff completely pointless, and it's not like killing a few EoW segments/BoC creepers is a hard thing to do.

early hardmode is good, lots of choices when it comes to weapons and armor, lots of new enemies to fight, but it does feel a little overwhelming.

Not much I can say about the other parts of the game.
mid hardmode, this stage is the most lively for me, its where all the weapons and gear become most interesting and in general it feels like it unlocks the core part of the game
honerable mention to early hardmode where it literraly changes the feel of the game instantly and you unlock the most stuff


I feel like early hardmode offers a lot of progression and theres a giant reward after you get out of the stage where your getting one shot by everything.

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I feel like early hardmode offers a lot of progression and theres a giant reward after you get out of the stage where your getting one shot by everything.
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Unpopular opinion, but I really like the early game. The process of exploring a newly generated world is something you really don’t get enough of in this game and there is a certain satisfaction of just finding gear from the environment. And as a fan of the roguelike genre, I really don’t mind going from overpowered to ground zero as much as a lot of other people do.


My favorite segment of the game is post golem. When the only things not available to you are the lunar events. Melting through the martians and tier three of the ooa(well more like dying a million times haha) And then you go to the cultists.


Mid hardmode, or pre plantera. This is the point where there's finally no rush to do anything, because you're powerful enough to wipe out those hardmode enemies that were previously causing you trouble. Now you're free to focus on things like clensing the evil biomes because you don't die instantly when going into them. Good times.
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