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What is your favorite Terraria boss?.


I like Duke Fishron. I remember fighting him on mobile at least 50 times because I wanted the Fishron Wings for me and my sister. I recall setting up a long asphalt track, and I just grinded him over and over. His drops were the best for mobile too. The bubble gun was overpowered, and the Razorblade Typhoon was awesome.


It's a hard choice... I haven't really defeated all of them yet so i can't really form opinions on all of them.
Wall of flesh was definitely the most interesting one so far for me... i just don't like the requirements to summon it. (i get very emotionally attatched to the npcs, especially the guide, i mean, the guy's with you since the very beginning then you just straight up sacrifice him.)
I do enjoy king slime though, i love messing with the slime hook. Also slime rain can be a fun event when you're up for it.


Official Terrarian
It's either the Lunatic Cultist or the MoonLord, since they both remind of Lovecraftian entities, not to mention I like the weird entities that inhabit the strange world of Lovecraft.


Loads of people are saying twins - but I'd have to say: Pre-hardmode twins (when you summon one eye and the other spawns naturally)


I really like the Wall of Flesh. It's annoying to prep for, but it's such a unique experience fighting it compared to all of the others. It dictates the terms of the fight, forcing the player to constantly retreat while avoiding its attacks and fighting back.


I enjoy bullying the Destroyer. Shredding him as he uncoils is one of the most satisfying things in this game, and he's my favorite to grind because he's the easiest boss that can drop dev set pieces and the crafting materials for his summon are super easy to come by.

Also, his design is pretty neat.


I like the Wall of Flesh the best because of how unique it is. I also like how it plays out, and not to mention, the track (Boss 2). Hell (No pun intended), it's even in my profile picture.

Blood Crawler

Brain of Cthulhu
Wall of flesh. I rember when i raged on this boss on PS Vita, i also throught The Twins and Plantera are the hardest things ever.
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