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What is your hardest boss in Terraria?

What do you think is the hardest boss In Terraria

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In all honesty, The Twins are the hardest boss. They are supposed to be the first boss you fight in HM, but it ends up being the last. They still do a decent 20-25 DPH to me in endgame armor (pre 1.3).


The Destroyer
Bunny. I mean, they can spawn at any time of day, have 5 HEALTH, and do NO DAMAGE! Red, why?!?!?!

Plantera. Her spiky balls always seem to reach your arena, no matter how deep a pit you dig.


Honestly none of the bosses are hard for me anymore except for Moon Lord, and he's not all that hard either. But out of all of them, he's the only one that I can't beat easily once I learn his pattern. With every other boss, you learn how they work, and they're cake. With Moon Lord, learning how he works makes him easier, but it doesn't ensure your victory.

I voted for Duke Fishron because Moon Lord wasn't there and Duke Fishron is the boss who's killed me the most besides Moon Lord. But really Moon Lord is the only correct answer.


Do expert mode counts?If it counts then Eoc is the hardest in my opinion,i could defeat him(her?It?) when i got hardmode gear.
Plantera was the hardest on my normal playthrough,i don't build arenas for bosses,and the bulb spawned on tight spaces.Yep,i died a lot by the spiky balls.
Still,Moon Lord was harder.


At the beginning of every world I start, whenever I fight him.

I die more than 3 times.



Hardest boss what i have fighting is duck fishron. LOL why duke fishrons name is duck fishron in vote lsit xD! anyway ik trick how to beat him, with dat trick ive killed him. I made RLY long minecart track from left beach to right way. wehn i was done i killed moon lord so much time dat i got S.D.M.G and then i created some clorocype bullets and i killed duke :D
[doublepost=1459701016,1459700719][/doublepost]btw as my option duke fishron is 1st hardest, moon lord is 2st hardest and solar pillar is 3th hardest btw actually solar pillar is not 3th hrdest because solarpillars minions/enemies are hardest like dta one solar worm dont reemeber dat solar worms name. but i wanted soolar pilar to dis ma list becaus in my opinion i think solar enemies is too dat boss because u need to kill 100 pialr enemies to destory pilars shiled and then u can kill pillar


Hardest boss?
Probably Ocram, he made me lose 9 hearts with full beetle armor with shell.
Pumpkings are hard too, but, they're event bosses.


plantera is my proving ground, If I can kill that then I know that my challenge run will be successful, ranged (doesn't matter megashark wins) mage ( will this junk work until I get to the dungeon) melee ( I need a new yo-yo) modded thrower ( I need vamp knives) summon (lets see how good at dodging I am today). So in short if using megashark it is trivial but everything else really doesn't work with my playstyle. I do not play in expert otherwise my vote would go wall of flesh.


Expert mode Plantera. In my expert mode world, it took me so long to beat it. I set up a huge area of jungle as a battle arena for it and it still chased me off it and I had to run through unprepared caves to not die. I managed to get through some hole and rode a minecart track back to the arena and just barely won the fight after it.


Duke Fishron
This is a tough one, actually. I'd have to say a toss-up between Expert Fishron and Expert Plantera. Expert Brain is also close if you're trying to defeat it without using an arena.
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