Console What is your most disliked enemy in the game?

I have to say the Wyvern for many reasons. Sure they are good early hardmode when you need wings but they are a pain to take down.
1. These jerks are a massive pain when it comes to building high in the air. I personally love building Spaceships, sky houses, and other sky related things. But Wyverns always get in the way.
2. They have 5000 health. Like really, i can be in the sky for no reason and one of these will spawn and i have to kill it. Sure they are not that hard with endgame weapons, but they are just annoying.
3. These mother:red:ers prevent you from making any sky npc houses because they just murder every npc you hold dear.

I completely agree with baconfry on this. Sure the gastropod and spiked slime are annoying, but the wyvern takes it to a whole new level.
My most disliked enemy is other players :p
Too many noobs call hax when I rekt them in pvp and others kick me from their servers because I loot a lot of chest fast
Jungle hornets,simply the MOST annoying thing you can have exploring the jungle,totally hate them,more annoying than every other mob in the game,and the 2nd most hated would be the wyvern,during frost/pumpking moon i go chase frost queen or pumpking on the skies,im at low health and then... Guess what...THEY SPAWN AND KILL ME!!! And if youre asking for most terrifying I would say the giant fox,really his eyes don't let you play comfortable
The Pixies are so annoying..
They fly to you, hurt you and they give you debuffs which sucks pretty hard.
When You hurt them, the pixies are then trying to escape..

I hate them so much ! :mad:
my least favorite would be fire imps.. You just want to explore but they just stop you and stop you and then...

You were slain...
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I don't care how much people whine and complain about head-squashing Tortoises, or bull:red: Snipers, or piss-me-off-at-a-distance Fire Imps. They may kill me, but they can't kill my dreams.

But a Wyvern can.

Because I'm fairly sure I'm not the only one who has had the dream of building a glorious airship among the clouds, or an entire floating continent, or just a true home in the middle of the sky. That dream is shattered when you realize that your peace will always be shattered by constant disruption from this bull:red: miniboss, who will slay the NPCs that you hold dear and, depending on your current level of gear, might give you a run for the money.

As an enemy that puts limits on creativity, the Wyvern gets all of my hate. It's in the same boat as the Clown was in 1.1.
Their climin through your windows, trying to snatch yo people up. Hide yo nurse, hide yo wife, the wyverns are gonna crush yo dreams tonight

Uh... screw Dungeon mages. Am I right? Friggin' Ragged Casters. Friggin' Necromancers. Friggin' Diabolists. Friggin' all at the same time.
Well... Ragged casters suck because they're hard af to dodge and do WAY too much damage, Crawltapedes are annoying af and force you to fight on the ground, the STUPID rune wizard does 200 melee damage base.... killed my friggin hardcore run once right before the twins because I didn't think a mage would do THAT much contact damage... Pigrons suck because they sneak up from nowhere... that's about it XD
That flipping fire centipede thing that spawns from the solar pillar. Like ffs I can kill moonlord without dropping below half health but that thing kills me so many :red:ing times.
While the Rune Wizard does way too much contact damage (which needs nerfing for the sake of balance), they are fairly easy to deal with if you attack from a range provided you have decent early HM equipment.
As with Ragged Casters, those things are annoying to deal with because their spell attacks home in on you and can inflict Blackout. In the middle of the HM Dungeon, they are all but guaranteed to hit at least once if you are in a tight space. Less problematic than Diabolists and Paladins from personal experience, but still annoying to deal with (I never find Necromancers to be threatening, largely because I always go in with an Ankh Shield.).
HAhahahahahahahah just looking at the gastropod argument makes me piss myself! but still my most disliked enemy is the early game jungle bat oh :red: they are annoying without any health
For me, its a close decision between wyvern, paladin, and necromancer. Their all insanely annoying in their own way. Wyvern seem to spawn no matter where you are at the worst possible time. I was at low health killing an everscream at frost moon trying to get razorpine when it was about to end, got it down very low then a god darn wyvern some in and wipes me out, then the event ends. Paladins just spray hammers and necromancers are annoying to kill because of the teleportation. Wyvern are my least favorite enemy though. One of the runner-ups are lava slimes, late prehardmode and mining hellstone, suddenly a wild HORDE of lava slimes are on you melting your skin.
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Oh, this is a question I LOVE to answer, well I really don't li-

*Gets curvestomped by a Diabolist*

- Medusa
- Crawltipede
- Some Nebula enemies


- Ragged Casters and Diablolists (teleportation + hard to avoid projectiles)
- Necromancers (when they appear while running away from other enemies)

Some I dislike, but a bit less:

- Tortoises (they deal a lot of damage when they charge at you)
- Moss Hornets (they appear very often and the poison debuff is annoying at times)
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