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What it Demolitionist and Arms Dealer have Quest


So what it they have quest, like the Angler, except they quest order is not random.

Request to unlock their quest:
Demolitionist - Use 100 explosive
Arms Dealer - Kill EoW or BoC

First quest
Say: Good timing so I finaly find my note and I can make super bombs, Super dynamite and MORE EXPLOSIVE THINGS HA HA HA.....
But need some materials to make them and why need you help.
First go the underground and find me ONE Detonator.
Quest: 1xDetonator
Reward: 1xPocket detonator
Arms Dealer
Say: If you want to know, I once went to a place where I could see crazy bullets that is impossible to find or make here, and <EoW or BoC> is down I can make some for you but not free.
First bullets and if I can then something special.
And don’t worry I have permission for these blueprints.
Plus each new bullets I can sell you.
Let's start with a tricky one, this bullet behave like the boomerang.
(This refers to the tmodloader and Boomerang Bullet from Joostmod)
Quest: 6xJungle Spores 300xMusket Ball
Reward: 300xBoomerang Bullet

Pocket detonator
Ranged weapon the damage base on curent bomb or dynamite.
Left click to throw and Right click to detonate them.
All explosive now show more info (damage, Radius, explosion, ect.) while the Pocket detonator in the inventory.

Boomerang Bullet
A bullet made Joostmod.
More info: Click here
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I like the idea of the Pocket Detonator, because I love exploding things. Do bombs/dynamite still destroy tiles if they're tossed that way? I'd hope not, because that makes them a lot less useful as weapons. I also like that you can detonate it early, making it less hard to aim. Does it toss grenades too?

In terms of quests... I like doing the Angler's, but why for this? It seems a little bit random to have people search for materials and bring them back when these items could be crafted or bought like any other.

The Boomerang Bullet is cool and all, but if this mod already adds it, it seems a little bit moot to post it in the suggestion forum. Plus, I don't know all the rights associated with suggesting and implementing mod content.


Dunno about the arms dealer's one, if that can be crafted in another mod.
The demolitionist sounds quite interesting though!

To be honest, he has a rather small shop. (this is actually true for the arms dealer too though)
And there could be more explosive variants.
That pocket detonator sounds like turning your explosives into "remote bombs" or such, which would be quite interesting, but I wonder how to make that work if you trow more explosives...?

How about
he sells normal explosives, like before
remote versions of these, which does not explode on their own, but you can make them explode when you want (maybe with that pocket detonator?) - this might could allow for actually more remote bombs to be placed, and exploded at the same time?
it would come in granade, bomb and TNT variants. granades don't destroy tiles.

also, if we're at that, what about something like those "bombchu" in some zelda games? (I thought of Zelda games with the remote bomb too)
so, like, something that moves - although it probably would be difficult to code that you can control it, but even if it moves on its own, the camera could follow it similar to a golf ball. and, so, it could pass though 1 tile gaps, so you could get it to harder to reach places (alternatively wasting less explosives on an area)
so, like, release it, it moves like mouse, and you remote control it when to explode.
(also comes in granade, bomb and TNT variants. with such bombchu grandes could being quite interesting weapons. (and the bombs and dynamites are useful tools for mining)

is there a zombie horde in front of the door? just let that mouse-like granade on its way (if there's at least a 1 block big gap somewhere), and kaboom. dealth with the whole horde, from the safety of the room?


Pocket detonator have an upgrade version.
Have 2 mode for throwing:
1. Default
2. Advanced (Like hitting a golf ball and see the power and trajectory)
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