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What legacy weapons do you think will be in game?


Mini / Mega Shark
Magnet Sphere (The Mechanic is just too cool)
Slime Staff
Water Bolt
Last Prism
Meteor Gun
Light Sabers
Gem Staffs


Skeletron Prime
Terra Blade + Its entire crafting tree
Mini/Mega shark
Last Prism
All Biome Chest Weapons
Slime Staff
Bee Gun
Meteor Gun
Star Cannon
Optic Staff
Eye of Cthulhu (yoyo)
All standard throwing weapons
Clockwork Assault Rifle
Influx Waver
All Wood/Copper-tier weapons.
Every Ore/Chlorophyte weapons
Kraken yoyo
Spider Staff
Water Bolt
Gem Staves
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I'm 99% sure they showed a picture of a minishark and said "one of the only legacy weapons".
Which is annoying to say the least
Yeah but that was posted by the buffoons who worked on the ill-fated first version of T:OW.
Now that Pipeworks have taken control of the reins, who knows what is possible.


I apologize if you feel that way about me @C.F. Scoundrel of Punch it was not my intention. I do get a bit salty when someone - anyone - that worked with me talks dirt about me or my company while not having even a percentile of the information to make these kinds of judgment calls. I respect anyone who has been involved and will always take responsibility for the things that go wrong.
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