Mobile What should I bring to defeat the eye of Cthulhu?


Skeletron Prime
What I have so far:
Lead headpiece
“Demon” lead broadsword
Copper bow with flaming arrows (344)
A few lesser healing potions and normal ones
Corruption chestplate (I forgot what the type of wood is called)
Corruption boots
Climbing claws

I have cactus chestplate but I don’t really use it a lot
I already have stone summoning item should I summon it?
(I’m on mobile if that matters)
I’m making the arena and I’m going to have the nurse there so I can heal FAST
Any tips/items I need?
I would say make an arena and definitely make better amror(gold or platinum) also a better bow would be good(maybe fossil armor could also be used for ranger damage) and upgrade your bow to gold or platinum. Also I would use frost burn arrows.
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