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What to do while you wait...

What are your thoughts on TOW's development?

  • It's taking way too long!

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Long development can only mean a good thing, right?

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • The team is slacking. We want games!

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I really don't care about ToW. I'm more hyped about Terraria 2.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • It doesn't matter how long it takes. I'm good at waiting.

    Votes: 7 43.8%
  • It's never going to be released.

    Votes: 3 18.8%

  • Total voters

The TechnoMancer

Skeletron Prime
As we all know, Terraria: Otherworld is taking a long time. Some are complaining, some are patiently waiting, and others have completely lost interest in the project. In the meantime, we could be doing something aside from just waiting. You know, time seemingly passes faster when we have something interesting to occupy ourselves with. So here are some things you can do while you wait for more information on ToW.

1. Play terraria
Terraria 1 is still here. There's so much you can do aside from beating the game again. Try some challenges, maybe download or make a mod, or even start from scratch.
2. Watch youtube
Youtube is an amazing way to waste time. Hours dissolve into moments, and the endless videos become endless entertainment.
3. Play other games
Sometimes, terraria doesn't cut it. You've done everything, so what now? Try another game! Whether you're into PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Mobile, or even the Switch, you can find games pretty much everywhere. I'm not going to list what you should play, because tastes in games vary. Anyway, it isn't too hard to shed a couple of bucks for a great game.
4. Read
Do you like reading? No? Well, a lot of us do. Pull up a nice book, sit down, and hallucinate while you stare into a slab of a tree's corpse. Or pull up a news article. Your choice.
5. Browse memes
Okay, not all of us are into this sort of thing, but memes and/or vines are great ways to enjoy a cheap laugh.
6. Go on social media
If I'm being completely honest, I'm not a big fan of most social media -- but a lot of you are. So go ahead, look at some pictures. Or, whatever you do.
7. Go somewhere
Chances are you live somewhere near a park, a friend, or just some place you like to visit. Why not turn off your PC for a minute and breathe some fresh air? (Well, not much fresher than the air you're breathing right now)
8. Meet up with a friend
You have friends, right? ...What do you mean, "No"? Well, go meet somebody. Or you could just send a message to some random person.
9. Rant about how the ToW team is taking too long
What? Everyone else is doing it.
10. Read more posts on the TCF
You've been doing fine so far. Find another post, or something.


I've been beating and completing every Monster Hunter game that's come out since T:OW was first announced. I'm about 80% to getting the Monster Hunter World platinum.
Secret option 11: Succumb to despair and realize that life is, and never will be fair. Realize that your life is meaningless, and many people will never care whether or not you're even still around. No matter what joy you can take from whenever this stupid game is coming out, you realize that it's never going to be worth the wait. Nothing will be!
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