What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

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Ehh... personally I'm one of those who has never been a fan of the "calamity style" and my first instinct is to go on a tirade against some of these new sprites. They're a bit too smooth and glossy in my opinion. However I recognize I'm in the minority and it's not a huge deal.
there is no 'calamity style', that's the thing
Ok, except, I was anonymously told that the zapinator is back? How about reviving Ocram? Leprechauns? RAINBOWS!? THANKSGIVING TURKEY?!?!?!?! Honestly, it is disappointing that you won't be adding them. Otherwise, I'm HYPED!
Please remove the fishing for reaver shark and crate that drop ores and bars. It kill the game. Everyone replay just exploring it. Defeat the exploring for mining ores machanism.
Am I crazy? Did I see the player character blinking during the Magic Missile video?
So I just took my meds and looked agin and yes, I never thought I would see the day, but it seems Terraria now has facial animatons! The power of game developing is truly astounding.
The shortswords, the flail, and Golem, this is beautiful! Titanium is nerfed, smart move, I hated Adamanite before! Hallowed Armor is no longer useless! These amazing new sprites! TERRARIA HAS GONE FROM THE BEST GAME TO AN EVEN BETTER ONE!!

One thing I don't see is buffs for the old ores.

Medusa's Head felt underwhelming for when you were able to obtain this in the core progression. So, this has been reworked to have a quite unique attack style.
What exactly has been the change? It looks different somehow but I can't describe how.
What exactly has been the change? It looks different somehow but I can't describe how.
Before, you would have to "charge" the head for a couple of seconds before releasing a single blast that hits many enemies within line of sight of the head. Now, it seems to fire its blasts repeatedly while charging.
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