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What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience


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Honestly I feel like making it permanent would've been an easier buff than increasing the stats and adding regen, but then again I'm not the one being paid to balance the game so you most likely know better than I do. The set is no longer worse than the previous melee armor and that's more than good enough for me.
Adding perma-dash was something considered. Theoretically speaking, it might still happen. But I'd like to start with this set of changes, because overall we felt the set simply didn't have the sustained durability it deserved, or the DPS that it warranted, and this change adjusts that in a way I think reduces reliance on the shields somewhat already. Will be re-assessing all changes post-launch :)


Adding perma-dash was something considered. Theoretically speaking, it might still happen. But I'd like to start with this set of changes, because overall we felt the set simply didn't have the sustained durability it deserved, or the DPS that it warranted, and this change adjusts that in a way I think reduces reliance on the shields somewhat already. Will be re-assessing all changes post-launch :)
What about the old hardmode sets, will those be buffed?


I kind of liked the way the blaster cannon worked before, but I realize it was only an unusable novelty weapon. I also think the flails filled a very specific niche of weapon and had a unique combat style, but I'm willing to try out the new ones. I'm happy Titanium got nerfed and Hallowed got buffed, I'm just hoping Cobalt, Mythril, and Adamantite got buffs and resprites too. Them not having unique abilities of their own really makes them totally worthless to have (except for adamantite, but its ability is nothing special, especially compared to what its alternate had).

As for the new style... in some ways it feels like it's a logical extension of the older style, but in other ways I feel like it's a bit too much. It'll probably grow on me, but I am excited texture packs will also be more widely available.


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Happy Monday, Terrarians and welcome to a fresh week on the road to Journey's End!

To kick off the week in style, we wanted to share one of the more impactful - but often unappreciated - aspects of Journey's End. On top of all of the shiny new content and features, the team has spent countless hours giving the entire game a thorough review across the spectrum of Balance and Aesthetics. The truth is that over time, as updates have released, some content felt "left behind", imbalanced, or it didn't feel quite "right" any more. So, we took on the arduous task of giving those things a makeover. Today's Journey's End feature article touches the surface of these efforts - read on to learn more!


As a part of Journey's End, the team examined and re-examined the balance of the content in the game. From start to finish, no stone was left unturned and no gear left unaccounted for. In the end, what remains is a full rebalancing of the game from top to bottom. Stats have changed, functionality has changed. There is no better time to start a fresh playthrough and experience the new Terraria for the first time! Want some more examples? Sure you do!


View attachment 268978
Our friend the Golem has some new surprises in store for you

View attachment 268979
King Slime has learned how to climb ropes

View attachment 268857
The Moon Lord laughs at your pathetic attempts to defeat him by hiding inside boxes


Weapons/Armor and other gear were also closely examined. Beyond stats, some situations in the game required more than just stat changes to make things feel right again. So, you will see some weapons and weapon classes that have all new functionality. Let's have a look, shall we?

View attachment 268975
No longer content to exist solely on the X-Axis, your favorite stabby weapons are now able to poke at foes in all directions!

View attachment 269419
Flails felt left behind by the introduction of Yoyos, so they have all new functionality to restore their status as useful weapons

View attachment 269021

Yesterday's throwaway weapon from the Martian Madness Event (What? Don't look at us like that, don't act like you ever used the thing!) is today's death-dealing space laser of doooooom!

View attachment 268976
Our festive friend here always felt very underwhelming when lined up next to its fellow Frost Moon drops... so now it can channel its inner Everscream.

View attachment 269016
Medusa's Head felt underwhelming for when you were able to obtain this in the core progression. So, this has been reworked to have a quite unique attack style.

View attachment 269017
The Wand of Sparking has been a bone of contention for some time in regards to feeling underpowered - no longer!
Damage increased from 8 to 14
Speed increased from 28 to 26
Now has a 10% critical chance
Chance to inflict On Fire! increased from 33% to 50%

View attachment 268980
Magic Missile has been overhauled to be more lethal and fun to use than ever before!
Projectile is faster and has homing if you release it
Has a moderate AoE damage explosion on impact

View attachment 268858
New Set Bonus: Holy Protection

Familiar to most users as Shadow Dodge, Hallowed has had its previously stat-based set bonus replaced with a periodic immunity to damage.
Upon attacking an enemy, you will gain a buff. If an enemy hits you during this buff, you will gain a very brief immunity to damage.
After this period of immunity, at least 30 seconds must pass before you can re-activate the immunity buff.

View attachment 268859
New Set Bonus: Titanium Barrier

As you attack enemies, titanium shards accumulate and spin around you
These shards deal damage to enemies at close range, and inflict knockback.
Use them defensively to keep enemies away, or for the bold, aggressively to inflict extra damage.

View attachment 269420
Stardust Guardian now has a more much vigorous and aggressive attack, and he will attack automatically without prompting. All resemblance to a certain anime is purely coincidental.

View attachment 268981
Solar Armor is no longer content to sit at the back of the line, so it's set bonus now grants more defense than ever before... along with a passive regen effect.
Solar Helmet critical chance bonus increased from 17% to 26%
Solar Breastplate melee damage bonus increased from 22% to 29%
Each piece of the set now gives 1 HP/s regen
Instead of 30% damage reduction whenever you have charges, part of Solar Armor's damage reduction is now active at all times, with the amount increasing when you have shield charges. This gives Solar Armor a more persistent durability.
Recharge time between shield charges reduced by 1 second


As with our balance and mechanics review, the team has put a fresh coat of paint on a number of things in Terraria. Biomes, Furniture Sets, even some Enemies have been given the makeover treatment! Heck, we even spruced up the logo...

Check out some of the eye candy magic that our artists have been creating in the series of before and after gifs below!

Please note that this work is still ongoing, so anything you see here is still subject to change!!!

View attachment 269442

View attachment 269444

View attachment 269413

View attachment 269044

We hope that today's Feature really shows how Journey's End is not only about new things, but also about old things made new again. Across the entire progression of the game, there are new surprises in store for players - once again, we really encourage a fresh playthrough in order to experience it all!

We have more Features in store for you as we draw ever-closer to launch day - so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more!
Nice update


New backgrounds look gorgeous.
I like the Harpy sprite too! You can actually tell what it is now rather than being a bunch of vague round shapes.


To be honest, I'm not happy with this new update.
I can't possibly digest all these new content while graduation is on the horizon. Relogic why you do dis :sigh:

I spot a crown-like item on the Golem picture. And a cape on Hallowed armor. This is way too fitting for the paladin-esque aesthetic of the set, but went unused because it seemed flat compared to newer sprite. Glad that's being fixed without external help.


Pixel Pirate
Are you guys going to rebalance the Martian Madness event so that the Pumpkin Moon, Frost Moon, and Duke Fishron are no longer useless to fight? MM Overpowers all of these events and its a shame that over time their drops have become very outdated.


I love the content of this update so far, but I'm most wondering if there will be things done for people on the low-end side of gaming. I'm not exactly on that side of the spectrum but I wish the game didn't throttle so much of the Ram or GPU; if it is at all possible to fix that. I'll love this update so much more
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