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What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience


As a spriter I can appreciate a lot of these sprites. Queen bee, hell skeletons, and some of the new spider ambient objects look especially nice in my eyes. However, stuff like the SDMG is a bit too glossy due to the abundance of lighter tones and contrast between darker tones and lighter tones. Overall real nice mechanical changes and visual effects. Can't wait to replay this game once more!


Skeletron Prime
I'm so proud of the Terraria team. They're not just trying to add things and rush it out, they're taking their time and polishing things, old and new. I absolutely love the new art. The spirit of the old art has been kept, but the new art is consistent, renewed, and looks amazing. I'm SO excited to play 1.4, especially since it's so close to my birthday. This update seems honestly perfect. The team could've easily rushed things, made that 2019 or whatever deadline, and pushed it out and tried to patchwork the things together. But no, they're making everything consistent, polishing up everything, and making the game truly feel finished. Thank you so much, Terraria team. It would've absolutely broke my heart if 1.4 was rushed and incomplete, and the game was made worse overall. I'm truly glad that you extended the deadline so much, because it looks so worth it.

Thank you.
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