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What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

J Bame

RIP my balance mod that I released a little ago


Medusa's Head felt underwhelming for when you were able to obtain this in the core progression. So, this has been reworked to have a quite unique attack style.

I may be imagining it, but aren't these Wandering Eyes moving differently? Have their rushes always been so... straight? I dunno, what I do know but Medusa's head is actually a good weapon now and that makes me happy.

No longer content to exist solely on the X-Axis, your favorite stabby weapons are now able to poke at foes in all directions!

I wonder if this is limited to the direction your character is facing, or if they are in any direction you'd want like Spears. Whichever it is they won't be a waste of bars anymore (well they'll probably still be since the hitbox is this small and a bow is still better but we'll have to wait and see)

Flails felt left behind by the introduction of Yoyos, so they have all new functionality to restore their status as useful weapons

We can finally flail the flails, amazing. I wonder if this is applied to stuff like Chain Knife and Guillotines as well.


Magic Missile has been overhauled to be more lethal and fun to use than ever before!
Projectile is faster and has homing if you release it
Has a moderate AoE damage explosion on impact

Making the thing homing feels like it removes the only purpose to ever be able to control it in the first place, besides sniping behind blocks of course. But who cares, my boy Flamelash and Rainbow Rod are finally good weapons now :)

Hallowed Armor.gif

New Set Bonus: Holy Protection

Familiar to most users as Shadow Dodge, Hallowed has had its previously stat-based set bonus replaced with a periodic immunity to damage.
Upon attacking an enemy, you will gain a buff. If an enemy hits you during this buff, you will gain a very brief immunity to damage.
After this period of immunity, at least 30 seconds must pass before you can re-activate the immunity buff.

I really hope that cape is part of the set. We can also see the old sprite in the background in what's supposedly a dyed mannequin so that's nice.

Some people are saying that's a new headpiece he's wearing, but i'm pretty sure that it's just the resprited mask. On another note, Excalibur looks unchanged and that disappoints me a little.

I wonder if 1.1 ores are getting stuff too, it'll feel weird at this point.

Stardust Guardian now has a more much vigorous and aggressive attack, and he will attack automatically without prompting. All resemblance to a certain anime is purely coincidental.

As cool as this looks, seeing that punch barrage struggling to deal 2000~ damage to a single Bone Lee doesn't give me much hope for the poor Guardian. Well, he will feel like an actual set bonus instead of a vanity and that's enough for me.

Solar Armor is no longer content to sit at the back of the line, so it's set bonus now grants more defense than ever before... along with a passive regen effect.
Solar Helmet critical chance bonus increased from 17% to 26%
Solar Breastplate melee damage bonus increased from 22% to 29%
Each piece of the set now gives 1 HP/s regen
Instead of 30% damage reduction whenever you have charges, part of Solar Armor's damage reduction is now active at all times, with the amount increasing when you have shield charges. This gives Solar Armor a more persistent durability.
Recharge time between shield charges reduced by 1 second

If the dash isn't always active now I will not craft this armor even with these buffs.


Looking pretty great so far! Are there gonna be more slots like, one for boots, and wings and other essentially mandatory accessories?

Exodus Starlit

Dungeon Spirit
Well it's good to see Hallowed armor resprited.
That screenshoot of Golem fight is dedinetly male with magic helmet, that does look good.
That gif showing set bonus is actually female if you look close, it's shaded like other female armors. Now you can say it's no longer golden bikini.
That melee helmet somehow looks off.

That S.D.G.M doesn't look so good, somehow doesn't look look alive and more like a plastic weapon.
EDIT: as somebody mentioned something about new statues,... it looks like we will have Ancient variant of hallowed armor, which I am glad for.
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Unfortunately, I have to agree with you here. I'm someone who honestly enjoys a good item farm, setting up afk farms and having them work is one of my favorite aspects of the game. So getting the rod of discord isn't really an issue for me. But the pacing of the moon lord fight has always been kinda trash, with celestial sigils just improving it enough to make it not something I find worth complaining about. But completely invalidating bunker arenas takes a lot of fun OUT of the moon lord fight, in my opinion. Whether through use of a shelter-in-place strat with a heckload of regen, or something that lets you move around more to dodge behind blocks and avoid block-piercing attacks, the fact that the moon lord's attacks didn't pierce blocks felt like a step to encourage interesting arena building. it ENCOURAGED thoughtful preparation, which the gap between fights reinforced. Now the only reasonable strategy is to hop on a UFO and move diagonally a lot, and that makes the gap between fights feel a lot less reasonable, as preparation and arena-tweaking are meaningless.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not butthurt because I can't cheese the boss. I can kill him by running away and shooting just fine. But this is the first thing mentioned for 1.4 that I'm not fond of. hopefully, come launch day (and a couple dozen hours of gameplay later), I'll find out I was wrong.
Well I am a little concerned that this change will make melee not really a valid choice against the the big squid anymore.


For the people talking about the moonlord and being able to grind it, look at the gif again. The beam appears to be blockable, you just might have to kill him a few times to get the ore first.
love most of the texture and weapon changes <3
i actually liked the death ray even before the change and yes i used it.. xD
i am a bit unhappy with something tho..
why make the hallow set op? big stat boni high def and now the set boni of the titanium set? the titanium set now looks... ehh? i mean great 10 points of 10 in terms of style but usefulness? looks kinda weak only usefull for maybe melee. knockback immune mobs or masses of them will just run thru it useless on bosses maybe only for extra dmg on melee or if you really want to risk to die by going in close with little def if you areplaying with agressive presets on items.
i hope you buffed the chlorophyte set so it can actually compare with the hallow set now... i can see it getting fully skipped (what ppl atleast thos i play with already do) without a good counter boni xD
also "is that a jojo reference" to quote a meme... cant wait for the update ... HYPE


Two concerns with the update at large:

Melee viability in a game where getting bumped is equivalent to death, hence the usage of Yoyos (and you don't have a FLAIL GLOVE or MASTER FLAIL KIT that lets you throw two flails at once, or COUNTERFLAILWEIGHTS that let you get bonus chain whippage while flailing) in the name of range and damage that matters

Summoner actually staying 100% viable through the entire game, when you have bosses like Eye of Cthulu, Queen Bee, and Lunatic Cultist (Read: FAST BOYS WHO MOVE FAST AND SUMMONS CAN'T KEEP UP WITH THEM RIGHT NOW AND THE GOOD ONES THAT CAN ARE POST-SAID PROBLEMS.)

Other than that, magic's always a cop-out unless everything got nerfed. In which case - why bother with Fishron 5 times for Razorblade Typhoon if it sucks now? Rebalance is a scary word..usually means "make things worse for players" give or take a few minor bones thrown so they can say rebalance instead of 'nerf'.


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If the dash isn't always active now I will not craft this armor even with these buffs.

The dash in release is not active if you have no shield charges. While this does not add always-active dash, it does increase the dash uptime by reducing the cooldown time between shield charges. May not be the answer you are looking for, but it should be slightly improved from release in that regard.
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