PC What was the first mob to kill you? (Expert Mode)

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Just made a new world and character, worst (or in my case, most fun) spawn place ever.
Spawned between jungle and ice biome, right on the border of the two.

Slimes? pff, try a million jungle bats.
Could say I died a few times before even building a house. xD
My first world made right after release spawned me in the snow biome, where I got 2 shotted by an ice slime within 5 seconds. I abandoned that world immediately as it was pretty much unsurvivable.
I've died so many times now...
The most surprising was when a zombie flew down my mine shaft and killed me instantly.
My 1st death was by a boulder trap ( doesn't count as a mob, does it?)
And my 2nd death was in the marble biome, I REALLY had no idea what the f**k have I found, I was grappling around and then I was turned into stone( I had no idea from what back then) and fell into lava and died. Later on I figured out its the medusa that can turn you into stone, so it seems my 1st death was from her :0

Besides that, I haven't died to anything till EoW( killed EoC on the first try too). I got stuck in the effing worm every single time I tried killing it!

And yes, this was expert.
Eye of Cthulhu - I found a Suspicious Looking Eye in a chest, thought "I'm sure silver armor will be enough" and had a surprisingly easy time with its first stage. Then he went Doom Pac-Man on me.

Lesson learnt, I wrecked his crap the second time around with platforms, buffs, a ruby staff and a ruby hook.
I got stoned by Medusa while I was using my grappling hook to shoot her from above. I fell very very very far down. Such a stupid death.
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