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Mobile What was your luckiest time in Terraria?

Gryffendor Gamr

I'm just wondering what was your luckiest time in terraria? Mine was I was fighting ocram for the first time and I almost had him dead but he killed me, but for some reason when I was using my paladin hammer it kept spinning while orcam was moving and it killed him... so that was mine.what was your guys?


Finding the Rod of Discord after weeks of farming.
I tried to farm the RoD for a whole MONTH and still haven't gotten it. (Also, I've checked I'm in the right area too.)

My luckiest moment was probably when I got a broken hero sword upon killing my very first swamp thing.
I made a basic lava farm, set it out overnight. When I woke up, the LAST empty slot of my inventory was a Rod of Discord. First night farming for it xD


Beating WoF on the first try
(edit i accidentally exited terraria and i had to fight WoF again. and i died right when i killed it/him/her
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I needed a truffle worm for duke fishron so while I was building a farm for them I saw one crawling on the ground and captured it.


i killed 1 enemy and got 2 peices of ancient cobalt armor. or the time i got 4 broken hero swords and 2death sickles in 1 solar eclipse, then it was followed by a blood moon and i got a bananarang


Eye of Cthulhu
Killed hornet, ancient cobalt breastplate, next instant, man eater dropped the other two pieces. Was fighting twins with flower of frost, and died, but remaining projectiles killed them. Got drax in shadow chest second try.


Queen bee killed me but visited me in my house when I respawned and I finished her off there.

Afk farming for more RoDs. Came back 20 mins later to find a nymph banner.
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