What weapon should I use for Plantera?


Playing melee with hallowed armor, my strongest weapons are the true night’s edge and true Excalibur, but the true night’s edge projectiles are too slow to hit plantera and the true excalibur has too short range so I get hit.
Either the shadowflame knife, death sickle, Yelets, mushroom spear, ghastly glaive, Sergeant United Shield, light disc, chain guillotines, dao of pow, or drippler crippler will work against Plantera.
shadowflame knife (as mentioned above) worked wonders for me for Plantera, to my utter shock during my ongoing melee playthrough
combine that with decent wings (iirc i used fairy wings) and a mid sized arena with 1-2 rows of platforms and you should be able to beat it fairly easily
Death sickle’s a solar eclipse drop, right? Should I just sleep in a bed until one happens?
To put it simply, any melee weapon that shoots slow projectiles that can stack on a moving target would be perfect. True Night's Edge would honestly be perfect if you can make plantera fly into the projectiles.
I used all 3 tablets and got SEVERAL Neptune shells and moon stones and yet no Death Sickle:(
I mean hey at least you're halfway there to one of the most powerful general accessories in the game.
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