Casual What Would Be Your Boss Theme?

Because two steel balls with spikes,beams and flame throwers did not seem so much as a threat.
[doublepost=1478898818,1478898613][/doublepost]And I'm not talking about the groin area.
The steel balls are robots.
When i am a final boss... Like an lord of Shadows or something...
- Phase 1 - This would happen when i appear somewhere in the half of the game.
- Phase 2 - Phase 1 of my Final Boss part
Phase 3 (only the normal parts, not the calm parts.) Phase 2 of my Final Boss Part
Space time!
Final Phase. Every final phase haves epic music. Now you are fighting me in SPACE! :D
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- before fight (only first 40 seconds)
- first phase
- second phase
- third phase (true form revealed)
- final phase (less than 10% health left, "berzerk" mode)
- Boss Room - "Calamity"

- Phase 1 - "Endgame"

- Phase 2 - "Deceit"

- Phase 3 (0:59 - 3:37) - "Limitless Power"

- Phase 4 - "Dying Hope"

- Finale Phase - "The End"
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When I spawn it would be the Lunatic Cultist spawn noise, and then the rest would be

Ms. Crumby

By: The Audition. (I heard this song on the first Watch Dogs and I loved it.)


It could be the (for all the FNAF fans out there) Freddy's song on FNAF 1 when you run out of power. And then when I die it will make the jumpscare sound.
Hard choice, but, I have a decent idea

First phase, prehardmode.

Second phase, prehardmode

Third phase, prehardmode expert.


Hardmode phase 1

Hardmode phase 2

Hardmode phase 3, expert.
Being an opportunist, and really really really wanting to win, I'd pick this, at maximum volume.
By the way, if you have sensitive ears, just don't watch this. it's not worth it.

And you can't just turn the volume down either. Very quietly, under this noise, are recordings of me saying 'left' or 'right' in a random order. If you don't go to that side of me immediately, you get insta-killed.

don't steal the idea, I'm using it in a game I'm developing.

This OST is just beautiful.

The boss fight won't start with me.
My 2 most loyal, faithful and strongest servants shall confront the hero, as I sit upon my throne, observing calmly.

And once they are defeated, well...

My turn.
Eh, sure, why not. Under a spoiler due to the size and aesthetic reasons. I know my music taste is bad.

General Dungeon Area Theme : NCT127 - The 7th Sense [Instrumental]

Alternative General Dungeon Theme : VIXX - Fantasy [Instrumental]

Boss Fight Theme A - Where I'm just being nice and wants to "play" with you : VIXX - Dynamite [Instrumental]

Boss Fight Theme B - Where Stuff gets real, 2nd form, yadda yadda. : Noisestorm - Antihero

Boss Fight Theme C - Alternative song to A : BTS - Fire [Instrumental]

Bonus Boss Theme - BTS - Cypher no. 4 with the bass boosted as much as possible [warning : ear murder. turning down the volume is encouraged.]
After an update on my musical taste, I think this would be better :

credit for the musics go to their creators of course

Phase 1 :

Phase 2 :
Feel as though the following would be my boss theme.

Why? Get the feeling there'd be a whole lot of panicked flailing about and me running around. All the while wondering what the :red: I did to get someone to want to go murder mode on me and wanting to know what I could have done to prevent the whole thing from happening in the first place.

And that up there ^ would come on once, 1: I haven't been killed in first few seconds of the fight and 2: I end up going full on murder mode because I don't know about you but I don't want to die. Which, one thing for certain, I will definitely try to make it not easy. :p

(Yes, I've posted on here before... but I changed my mind and I wanted an excuse to share some Shovel Knight music that felt as though would fit a boss fight with me.)
Boss Chamber (Long as heck hallway with traps)

Phase 1--Memelord Mode

Phase 2--Let's Get Serious (all meme-based attacks are more powerful, additionally, more attacks are added)

Phase 3--Swan Song (at this point, everything and then some is being thrown out, as this user loses all sanity and goes One-Winged Angel)

Basically, the chamber is serious, then the boss fight starts off silly and then becomes serious all of a sudden and more dangerous.
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