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What Would You Consider to be a "Perfect World"?


Eye of Cthulhu
Anyone that's played Terraria for a while knows that world-gen can vary.

There's many different randomly chosen features that can affect the overall appearance of the world, too. Backgrounds are picked at random, and not all of them may be to your liking. Since 1.4, there's 9 moon variants that have vastly different appearances. The dungeon may be buried under the landscape, or it might hang 100 blocks over it. Sometimes, everything just looks hideous.

I'd like to hear your ideas on a "perfect world" down below. It may be a full list of features, or it may be just a couple criteria.

Most of us can share some hatred for the world evil by the jungle, right?


Big ol jungle with a nicely sized temple, a big blue temple and a pyramid with sandstorm in a bottle. Also no ocean tunnel things. And a nice crazy forest generation at spawn.


Eye of Cthulhu
I'll start with mine, just because I'm a bit OCD-ish with this stuff.

  • Blue brick dungeon, on the right.
  • "Normal" moon variant.
  • Round tree forest background.
  • All trees to be round with the spiked leaves.
  • Water Bolt at the front of the dungeon.
  • A flying carpet inside the pyramid.
  • All underworld-exclusive items to be in Shadow chests. (Lava charm, Sunfury, etc.)
  • Relatively flat land.
  • One pyramid, facing away from the spawn. Not buried, either.
  • A single desert on the left of the spawn.
  • A dungeon that isn't buried underground or messed up in any way. On the right, as well.
  • A large cave system, easily accessible from spawn.
  • Copper, iron, silver, gold, cobalt, mythril, titanium.
  • A single corruption biome on the right of the snow biome. Not in it.
And.. that's about it.


Copper, lead, tungsten, platinum, palladium, mythril, adamantite maybe? And a hallowed ice biome. I also liked the more vertical and crazy way the world was in 1.2

Greystillbrynnington III

Skeletron Prime
Everything hallowed, that includes a hallowed corruption biome or crimson, and a hallow jungle variant. It isn’t realistic though just because of the jungle.


I don't like out of control corruption in the jungle so one (or zero preferably) strains of corruption/crimson in the jungle. I also don't like the ocean to be wiped out immediately by the corruption. I won't play a world where either of these things are true.

Other than that most other things are "nice to have". It's nice to have pyramids with things other than the vanity set etc.


Eye of Cthulhu
Green dungeon oon the left, buried into the ground.
Single patch of corruption on the opposite side of snow biome
Pyramid blocking off the antlion cave


The perfect world for me is......

When the world evil is only on one side and not both of them

When the world evil isn't on the jungle side (and to a extended note: not in the jungle)

When there are nearby cave entrances to the spawn.
Anything that can still manage to surprised me after 5+ years of playing (having to do with World Gen).
That being the case, I don't really have a preference, I just like being pleasantly surprised! 😊🍹

Here's a list of World Gen stuff that made me go "wow, I didn't know this was a thing"!
  • Snow Biome was my Spawn Point, so I just went with it & made an Ice Fishing Village (made me fall in love with fishing).
  • Once generated a World with a flat Jungle Biome, in the 1.4 Updates, they added bamboo, so it was beautiful to witness (kinda got Minecraft vibes).
  • Once had a world with a nearly complete, connected, Underground Jungle Biome network, I barely had to do any real digging, so I built a base there.
  • Once had an Overworld Dungeon with an unofficial, underground entrance; was able to safely loot some stuff without waking the Guardians (killing Slimes, etc).
  • Once had a weird Antlion Nest that spawned near the surface, it was hit by the Hallow, which allowed me to safely farm Underground Desert/ Hallow stuff for free.
  • Recently, in the 1.4 Update, I had the Underground Corruption spawn almost directly underneath one of my favorite farming spots. Because of this, it's now my official surface & underground farming spot, so I built a Base there. It spawned in-in a straight line going directly downward (so much so, I had trouble finding it), so the NPCs still manage to live there happily, with no complaints; it's weird, but super fun!
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not having half of my world completely devastated by evil biomes from the very beginning.

it's a simple wish.

every time, seems like my jungle and tundra are completely ruined, no matter what.

gonna be honest... it infuriates me.

especially since there is absolutely no solution to restoring the jungle, even to this day... despite simple solutions being suggested by users such as myself.

Edit: looking at some of the other posts... are any of those worlds even possible? having only one evil biome, for example?

cause every time i make a world, and i always choose large, cause i want the most possible content in my worlds... most of my world is covered in evil biomes... it's especially bad with corruption, and i've had 2-3 biomes chain together, basically making half of my world just... unusable.

not to mention they appear on BOTH sides... pretty much every time.

wish they included more customization with world generation... like, which side we want the dungeon on, be able to choose how many evil biomes are created, stuff like that...
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Cheese sticks

Brain of Cthulhu
A world that had corruption on the dungeon side a cave to hell near spawn a JUNGLE WITH ACTUAL CAVES and finally something everyone needs (drumroll please) badadadadada.....your first chest to have a shoddy wooden boomerang


Official Terrarian
  • Dungeon close to ground
  • World evil neither covering jungle or snow
  • A large amount of big trees
  • Good loot
  • No UW houses that form a complete wall over the Underworld
  • Big jungle with a decent amount of hives and caves
  • Enough surface chest loot
  • Enchanted sword shrines
  • Atleast 1 pyramid and some floating islands
  • Relatively flat worldgen (no giant mountain bumps)
  • A good underground to space ratio (i had some occasions where building 40-50 blocks up was already space) (depends on world size)
  • Only 1 patch of evil biome
  • A desert that is good sized
  • And possibly more

no ones here

Eye of Cthulhu
id say, one very small corruption in front of the dungeon with ten million demon altars thats too small to even spread, a huge jungle on the otherside, a nice big plain area thats pretty flat, with millions of tall trees with two rivers on the side and lots of islands above, lots of gold chests in the ocean and two very long caves that lead straight to the underworld, no ten million tiny hole everywhere, and 1 VERY tall mountain that goes to space with a cave going through it.


Official Terrarian
For the worthy lmao
Pink dungeon, facing away from spawn, wacky color temple, lava everywhere, gravity on underworld ash.


Eater of Worlds
The single biggest thing that comes to mind is easily accessible important materials. Aglet, Climbing Claws and Shoe Spikes, Lava Charm, Enchanted Sword all in the world and can be found without excessive searching. One of these materials always seems to be missing despite the fact that they are so important, and there’s no way in hell I’m fishing for hours for them.

As for other smaller preferences...

Crimson. I choose random every time, but I prefer Crimson just for the slight advantage it has loot wise. Wouldn’t complain either way though because Corruption has pretty damn good stuff too, especially in the early game.

I prefer all the 1.2 ores, except for tier 1 and 2 of Hardmode where I like cobalt and mythril. All the 1.2 ores are obviously better, but since I never make tier 1 or 2 of hardmode, the more expensive recipes are a slight disadvantage when working toward Adamantite/Titanium

The jungle should be significantly sized, and have a temple that I can find easily but also doesn’t obstruct the easiest way into the Jungle. Digging around the Temple just to get three feet into the Jungle in early game is just as annoying as having to go on an expedition for it after Plantera.

Obviously, the world evil hugging the jungle sucks, but what sucks even more in my opinion is the world evil right next to spawn. I get it every. single. time, where the evil is encroaching on spawn from so early on that I can’t take care of it, and it almost always blocks the path to the cave entrance. Even more so since I play on Large worlds so I know it’s just worldgen :red:ing me over.
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