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PC What would you like to have in 1.3?


So, I've been playing a lot of Terraria recently, and I noticed some things that would really be nice if they were in the game:
  • A way to change a character's name (like how the dresser changes your clothes, but with names).
  • A way to change world names.
  • A summon that would bring you dropped items would be nice (but only items you already have in your inventory and that you can stack, maybe add a way to control it).
  • Maybe some combined weapons, like a sword and a bow combined that does melee damage and ranged damage (not sure how it will work though, but it sounds great), and maybe even armor that is suitable for more than one class.
I'm not sure how some of my ideas will work in the game but i'm just saying stuff that I think would be nice.

I would also like to know what additions would you like to have in the game, so please leave a comment if you have any ideas, and maybe Re-Logic will see this and even add it to the game.

There is Armor suitable for more than one class: Frost Armor


The Destroyer
I want a hell boss, or a hell dungeon/temple/whatever , I want some UFO mounts , I want a gun that shoots guns that shoots chainsaw bullets.


Wall of Flesh
I made, like a whole page about that. ( In my notebook ) Its called a new boss, the triplets, made by combining 2 mechanical eyes and 1 suspicious looking eye to make a bloodshot eye. Just that EoC shoots Demon Scythes. Then Spazmatism drops a Greek Fire Launcher and EoC drops a Demon Scythe Launcher, like the Stake laundher, and Retinazer gives a Laser Machinegun.
You should post that idea in a thread.

EDIT: I want more OP weapons and armors.
i would like

-Mount hotkey
-Boss pets, every boss have a chance to drop a summoning item of its miniature form (pet)
-A dragon mount
-All npcs have quests for us
-New vanity sets
-Npcs able to defense our self because we all hate npcs dying and walking into an enemy rather than running from it
-Sloth pet (because i love sloths)
i think thats it lol ;)

sgt. Sprocket

- Naming Weapons
Since we are getting the ability to brag about our inventory in chat, why not?

- Reforging Armor
Hell, even if armor pieces shared the same prefixes with accessories I'd be all for it.

- Improved Reforging
Ways to increase the chances of getting great prefixes from the ol' Tinkerer.

- Craftable Accessories
Correct me if I'm wrong, but AFAIK the only accessory you can craft from scratch is the Obsidian Skull. I would love to see more accessories that you get by making them yourself.

- Portal Gun

- More Pets
I get lonely.


How about combining armor? Like Hallowed Chest-plate and leggings with a chlorophite helmet gives you a special set bonus? this would open up a whole world of combinations and customizations.


How about combining armor? Like Hallowed Chest-plate and leggings with a chlorophite helmet gives you a special set bonus? this would open up a whole world of combinations and customizations.
This idea has potential. Combining various pieces gives some awesome bonuses. I like it.

Grand Paladin Tyrux

Empress of Light
-Mechanical Brain of Cthulu (Motherboard?)

-The Cyber, Contagion, Ria, etc.

-Hardmode boss enemies (Emperor Slime and something for the Queen Bee)

-Prehistoric minibosses post-Golem

-Wall of Shadow for Corruption worlds

-Spirit of Night boss fight if you've completely cleansed your world of the Corruption/Crimson/Hallow/Cyber (Stage II reveals it to be the essence of Cthulhu, no hate plz :p)

-Pets for every boss (Green slime for King Slime, small Demon Eye for EoC, small floating brain from BoC, bouncing slime-like flesh from WoF, Demon Eye sized Twins from The Twins, mechanical Baby Eater from The Destroyer, small mechanical Skeletron head from Skeletron Prime, miniature Golem from the Golem, baby shark from Duke Fishron, Christmas Tree sapling from the Everscream, and finally a robotic elf from Santa-NK1)

Lord Natt

i wanna see more summoner stuff, as they are not that good atm, as well as a way to make summoner practicle for pvp


I'd want a little counter, be it icons or a "#/# (like 2/6" for minions. If possible, a detailed minion counter of how many minions you have out of your max, and a littl icon for what minions you do have of each, like a number next to the buff of "Imp Minion" telling me how many I have of that minion, and a thing telling me how many minions I have and what my max is.
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