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PC What would you like to have in 1.3?


The Destroyer
I want a space ship mount that you can load up with ammo such as rockets and bullets and fight things in. The ship would have a health bar and when that is 0 you die and you would have to craft another one. You could repair it though. It would have to be costly because its gonna be pretty b.a.

Spoiler for T:OW confirmed.


-As someone have been said, a way to change name, eye color, and skin.
-More painting : I do love art so I want more art!
-NPCS go trough stair sometime not always go up.
-Mount that can attack enemy.
-More referent from other game (maybe from other company that isn't from nintendo)
-Dye able pet.
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Official Terrarian
Idea I had nearly two years ago, And would still like in the game. Some form of an Auto-drill, Literally something you can throw out like a bomb that, Upon contact with a brick, Will dig straight downwards until coming in contact with a liquid.

Alternatively could be activated by wire.

...Speaking of Wire actually, Can we PLEASE get an update or something that makes placing wire more practical. I love doing things like manipulating pumps over long distances or setting up a bunch of explosives, But frankly it's highly impractical at the moment. I had an idea where you could set two objects at two points. (Similar to Actuators, Can be placed on top of bricks)

If a player attempts to wire one of these points, It will automatically consume enough wire from the player's inventory to make a path to the closest other point from that location. (Meaning if a player had set up 3 points, It's not going to try and connect to every single point)

Like wrenches, There are Red, Blue, and Green points that players can set so they don't end up going to another point by mistake.

-More referent from other game (maybe from other company that isn't from nintendo)

I wouldn't complain if another Cave Story reference made it in. While I dig the Robot Hat, We need something like a Nemesis added.


How about an item that makes you run on all fours and is like the best movement speed accessory.



Demon Master

Eye of Cthulhu
I would like a shape shifting potion that let's us play as any mob, or a boss. A giant mech suit mount would be very interesting. Kind of like the Goliath from advanced warfare.


What I would like to see is the crippling Magic damage reduction on the original Spectre Hood get either removed or made less crippling.


Before 1.2.4 : Super OP
But I agree 40% damage reduction + Mana sickness won't going anywhere.
So, rather than make it, I don't know... -20% so full Menacing can make it not as severely crippling... keep it as a waste of space and never a good option?


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