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What's the Weirdest Thing to Happen to You in Terraria?


Skeletron Prime
This lizahrd temple was pretty annoying
And I had a terrible night with the ground rumbling below my feet while the air got colder around me (all three) (let's just say I died that night)



Eater of Worlds
Probably today when i found a 100 foot drop. Not much weird stuff has happened to me in this game. Now Minecraft, on the other hand, is certainty a different story.


Probably the strangest thing that happened to me (mobile):
I was fighting Plantera with my Paladin's Hammer and when it reached max range, the game lagged so much the hammer was stuck but is registered as a projectile, and I could have 2 hammers out. I just kited Plantera onto the hammer and pretty much waited until she/it dies.


So, I was on my phone playing when I found a drax in a shadow chest pre hard mode. Already weird but then once I had finished wof I got vibrations from deep below, air colder around you, and terrible night all in the same night. Fittingly, terrible night was the last one. So that was fun. Beam sword vs all 3 mech bosses on 2nd hard mode night


I had a Key mold farm set up in the Ocean, and left it there before going to bed.

I knew it had some issues involving some of the enemies getting stuck outside the trap system, so I wasn't sure what result leaving it active throughout the night would yield.

Oddly enough, when I woke up, I had like 2 glowsticks, 1 shark fin, and a Corruption and Snow Key Mold.

I suppose the explanation can be inferred, but damn, it felt very weird haha.
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