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What's the worst bug you have encountered?

A (Pioneer) Rock

Skeletron Prime
I do remember the mannequins from Skyrim, the ones that sometimes walk around, I expect that when ever I come into the house I totally didn't buy with stolen gold. But one day, instead of just walking around the mannequins started attacking me, scared the crap out of me, it was also annoying because they were invincible. Only seen this bug once and I still remember it.


I've had a couple but none of them were THAT terrible. My map has resetted a couple of times randomly even though before it was almost fully explored. Another one is that the events always glitch for me, especially the pumpkin moon event, it just ends after the first stage. None of these bugs frustrate me that much tbh, and other than these 2 bugs and the classic right side Ocean crashing, terraria has been nice to me


Skeletron Prime
Yeah the old mobile version gets glitchy
But also it was these versions you can exploit bugs -- the one where you can do fishing with a terra blade.
They patched it right?
Anyhow you can still swap any bait with common item to fish with ... say, wooden platforms.
My friend performs fishing (and obtained heaps of valuables) with glitched wooden platforms with 666% bait power
What's the worst bug that happened to me?
Well it might as well be the "item loss" bug but anyhow now that I've surely came over it.
My friend lost a beetle chest plate and I lost a jungle chest plate.
I also forgot if I had done chlorophyte farming on mobile it might have worked (or not)
Not much of the old mobile days passed over. I lost my save but i kept my friends
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A Universal Devourer

The Destroyer
I was in my brothers world fighting the moonlord, when he ran out of time (Apple screen time limit thing) I had just killed the moonlord and it dropped nothing.

Elemental Δ

The Destroyer
The worst bug I've seen is on the Switch version, and it involves Shadow Dye. Equip it in any armor dye slot, and everything in that slot's range is invisible. Armor, accessories, even things chosen at the character creation menu. Gone. You're left completely naked, and bald as well.


Mine was when I had full titanium armor and the game crashed, then the game decided "Hey! Lets replace his armor with fishing armor!"

I deleted that world after that.
The Cultists literally will not respawn. I've re-killed Golem, checked my dungeon to make sure nothing is wrong, waited several in game days after being killed by Moon Lord on my first ever attempt at him, nothing will work. They just won't respawn. Please help me. I am immensely frustrated and have yet to find a solution.

the sniper

The Destroyer
i had a minecraft world that was once fine but then when you mined something in survival mode no item would drop it got worse and worse and worse the last time i played on the world it
was at 1 fps

A Universal Devourer

The Destroyer
i had a minecraft world that was once fine but then when you mined something in survival mode no item would drop it got worse and worse and worse the last time i played on the world it
was at 1 fps
Hmm, something must be in your world that’s causing that, like something really big
Every time a steam cloud sync happened one of my worlds would disappear.

Turns out if you name a world in the local folder the same thing as a world in the cloud folder, they end up with the same filename. Then if you shift the local one to the cloud they'll overwrite one another whenever Steam syncs. I'm glad I kept backups.


hoo, boy... I've had the game crash on me like, a million times. I had this world on the PS3 edition and anything in the underground layer and below would crash the game. Something similar happened in the 3DS version, where I had built a sky minecart track, where if you go at top speed the game will crash.

But the worst one of all? do NOT save without quitting to save truffle worms when trying to beat duke fishron on the 3DS version. It ended sadly with world corruption...

Tbh I don't think these qualify as "bugs" but there was one bug that I encountered but it was actually hilarious
So if you had a hardy shell on the PS3 edition, summoning the mount would spawn a frog next to it. Literally infinite froggies xD

*I tried replicating the glitch but it didn't work, lemme know if someone else has done this :T
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