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What's the worst thing that has happened to you in a game?

J The Gamer

Skeletron Prime
Well, this is my first post and I want to know a bit about the people here and what games they play, so I ask anyone who See's this, What is the worst thing that has happened to you in a game?

TerraNova Gaming

Official Terrarian
Game: Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin
Platform: PS3

After farming for Medals to offer to a Covenant, I was invaded (PVP) and before i collected the last 2 Medals, i was killed and the item despawned. Hours were lost in gaining those items but i got them anyway.

Trash Boat

Platform:Xbox 1
It's not necessarily the worst, but it sucked. I spent two months trying to get Marrow, but never got it.
Fast foreward a few months and I'm running a melee loadout. Just so happens that the the first skeleton I kill drops it. The words "are you :red:ing kidding me" have never been shouted louder
Playing Pokémon Crystal. Find a shiny Golbat. Weaken it. Go to bag, select an Ultra Ball.
"BOX is full! Poké balls cannot be used."

Playing Pokémon X. Find Shiny Oddish. Weaken it. Press "Run" instead of "Bag". Got away safely.

First one I was more upset about. Second one would be more upsetting if both of these weren't about four years apart. Take your pick.


Once on a Minecraft RPG server, I lost my only spear, wich was legendary and some time before the best spear in the game. The only spear I have for that class now is a Depressing Spear, meaning it does no damage at all.


Lunatic Cultist
playing with the goty bonus relic and grenade mod in borderlands 2 for far longer than I would like to admit.

while the grenade mod isn't terrible (until overpower levels), just hard to get used to, the relic is basically useless. it has a very misleading, description It actually lies by the games terms. it says it increases the drop rate of rare loot. in the games code, blue weapons are called 'rare' the relic gives white weapons a small chance to be green weapons instead when they drop. overall it decreases the amount of white weapons you see and increases green weapons. it's... kinda useless.

And I played with my first character.. almost all the way through true vault hunter mode with it, thinking it was actually netting me good weapons. passing up other great relics in favor of green weapons. yaaaay.


almost killed moonlord ..... he reaches almost 100 hp and my life is low. didn't time the recall right and ..... dead :p


I lost a game in Pokemon because I missed four Focus Blasts in a row. People don't call it Focus Miss for nothing.


I was playing Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and I encountered a SHINY Swablu. And I'm like OML I NEED DIS so I catch it... And my 3ds dies. I wanted to yell profanities but I didn't. Plus I was soaring... :dryadcry:%:sigh::dryadcry:%:sigh:
[doublepost=1492909503,1492909380][/doublepost]Also once I got scammed on Animal Jam Play Wild :dryadmad:
Thankfully it was just and arcade, my spike was OK my reindeer set and Pegasus set unscathed%-_-
Also Dryad emoji looks like a dragon.:dryadcool:
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