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PC What's wrong with this house?


Hello everyone ! i'm new around here (and my english are new too,will try to do my best)

i wish i could post something better but...my terraria isn't in the mood for that :/

Well i have a lot of buildings scatered trough my map,but just this one is impossible to enter without my framerate drop to 5,
i'v tried to replicate it,building stuff with marble/wood/glass walls in other places,but it works fine.
i have built all that arena under that house and when i'm there its okay too.
disabled and destroyed all wires.
works fine without torches and lamps* (tried all ligth Schemes)
but when i enter this place and the entire house is in-screen it frozes .-.

My computer run terraria at 30 fps ,but he is old and it was hard for him,(i'm used with all the tricks to make it run better,frameskip,parallax,light,resolution...)
so i bougth 1gb Vram and another 4 gb Ram,now is 8gb Ram dual channel and runs pretty well (i can even see the background!) runs at 70 fps in boss figths and multiplayer

BUT THAT HOUSE IS CURSED !! i'v done a lot to build up there but when i try to build it happens ;-; (destroyed everything to see what causes it looks like it's the walls)
Marble lag.png

play on steam
Intel core i5 2400
windows 7 64bits
8gb ram
1 gb vram
(playable before on intel hd graphics but with the same issue)
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