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What's your 1.4 order for killing bosses/events?


After looking around the forums, I realized that everyone does things slightly differently for game progression. I was wondering what you guys do? Here's mine for the last few playthroughs:

1. Eye of Cthulhu (usually by accident at night)
2. King Slime (for fun)
3. Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu (progression)
4. Old One's Army tier I (getting a good sentry)
5. Queen Bee (bee weapons good against skeletron; also I love summoning)
6. Skeletron (progression)
7. Wall of Flesh (progression)
8. Destroyer (for Light Discs or Megashark, or just to unlock OOA)
9. Old One's Army tier II (the armor sets are OP)
10. Twins (progression and optic staff)
11. Skeletron Prime (progression)
12. Queen Slime (for fun, cool mount and cool hook, also pretty tough boss)
13. Plantera (progression)
14. Golem (over and over to get sun stone, eye of golem, and a good weapon)
15. Martian madness (to get UFO mount)
16. OOA tier III (usually losing to betsy but getting to round 6, saving up enough money for armor sets, then killing Betsy for weapons)
17. Duke Fishron (completionist)
18. Pumpkin Moon (necromantic scrolls)
19. Frost Moon (self-torture; I never get the right drop for the class I'm playing)
20. Lunatic Cultist (progression)
21. Pillars (great weapons)
22. Empress of Light (so hard)
23. Moon Lord

In my most recent playthrough as an Expert ranger, I couldn't beat anything after Golem, so I killed Lunatic Cultists and slowly, painfully farmed the pillars before fighting all the bosses/events 15-23.

What's your order?

Digitus of Aegis

Skeletron Prime
Brain of cthulhu.
Eye of cthulhu.
Queen bee.
Wall of flesh.
The Twins.
Skeletron prime.
The destroyer.
Duke Fishron
All old ones army.
Pumpkin moon.
Frost legion.
Frost moon.
Queen Slime.
Martian invasion.
Lunatic Cultist.
Empress of light.
Moon Lord.


Do you have any tips for Pumpkin Moon without a flying mount? That's the only reason I do Martian Madness first, and I'd love to start doing Pumpkin Moon first for Witch's Mount but the Mourning Wood's fire always gets me.


The Destroyer
  1. King Slime
  2. Eye of Cthulhu
  3. Brain of Cthulhu
  4. Queen Bee
  5. Skeletron
  6. Wall of Flesh
  7. Pirate Invasion (The mount is broken, used it till the end).
  8. The Twins
  9. Destroyer
  10. Entirety of the old ones army. (For the sentries)
  11. Skeletron Prime
  12. Queen Slime
  13. Martian Invasion
  14. Plantera
  15. Golem
  16. Pumpkin Moon
  17. Frost Moon
  18. Duke Fishron
  19. Lunatic Cultists
  20. Pillars
  21. Empress of Light (Night)
  22. Moon Lord
  23. Empress of Light (Day)


Staff member
It's interesting to analyze, my usual order taking 1.4 into account is as follows.

  1. Eye of Cthulhu or King Slime. It really depends on when I get a Slime Rain and if my loadout is capable of defeating King Slime. If I don't get Slime Rain for awhile then Eye of Cthulhu is usually the 1st boss I defeat. (Done for Slime Hook and Demonite/Crimtane to get upgraded sword, axe, yoyo, and fishing pole)
  2. King Slime or Eye of Cthulhu (the one I didn't beat first from above)
  3. Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu (Progression)
  4. Goblin Army (Usually comes naturally, and for the Goblin Tinkerer)
  5. Skeletron (Progression and getting access to Shadow Key and bones for a material needed for Void Bag)
  6. Old One's Army Tier 1 (For fun, sometimes I skip this)
  7. Queen Bee (Fun and getting the witch doctor.)
  8. Wall of Flesh (Progression)
  9. Pirate Invasion (Usually happens naturally)
  10. Queen Slime (For fun, the mount and Crystal Assassin Armor are also fun to have)
  11. Skeletron Prime (Progression, easiest of the 3 to me even on Expert difficulty or higher)
  12. Twins (Progression and Optic Staff, Fairy Bell for better light pet.)
  13. Destroyer (Progression, sometimes to get Megashark and Light Disc as well)
  14. Duke Fishron (For fun, his weapons also make Plantera easier for the higher difficulties. Also Fishron Wings)
  15. Plantera (Progression)
  16. Empress of Light (For fun, and to get the weapons, Expert Accessory, and Wings)
  17. Old One's Army Tier 2 (For fun, sometimes also skipped)
  18. Golem (Progression)
  19. Martian Madness (For fun)
  20. Pumpkin Moon (For fun)
  21. Frost Moon (For fun)
  22. Old One's Army Tier 3 (If I feel like it)
  23. Lunatic Cultist
  24. Lunar Pillars
  25. Moon Lord.
  26. Empress of Light (Day)
Most of my previous playthroughs have been on Expert Mode. More of my future playthroughs will likely be Journey Mode or Master Mode, or both at once.


Duke Fishron
Wow Duke pre Plantera... I can't imagine that I only managed to win in 1.3 expert after initiating the lunar events for phantasm(only killed Vortex at the time if memory serves).... Unless they toned duke don that takes crazy skill... I still only had a 50% win rate at best with my endgame 1.3 character when recording his new theme( so had one less accessory than normal for much of the fight but still. :eek:

Hmm thus far my only 1.4 hardmode experience has been where I went and explored some of the new stuff and or changes using my 1.3 expert character so I can't comment on that but I have been doing a Journey + Master mode play through with a focus on unlocking as many items as possible as I go. Currently I have beaten King Slime, The Eye of Cthulhu, both after a number of failed attempts resulting in 3 and 1 deaths respectively largely due to the slime rain and EOC coming naturally on their own, after that was the goblin invasion (had intended to fight the Eater of Worlds but ended up fighting off a goblin invasion which triggered after smashing my second orb while I was making an arena in the Chasm w/ bombs and platforms respectively so apparently the Goblin invasion time-wise is unchanged) after that took on the Eater of Worlds had no difficulties so I think that placement order was fine but I have never had issues with EOW.

Queen bee was honestly an accident triggered while experimenting with the new weapon I got from the traveling Merchant the Grey Zapinator. Was an intense impromptu fight but managed to win. Haven't gotten further than that but I expect I will be fighting the OOA and scouting out hell in that order before I take on Skeletron.....

As such this is mostly theory crafting but I would imagine
1) Kingslime/EoC
2)EoC/King Slime
3)Goblins/EoW or BoC
4)EoW or BoC/Goblins (3 and 4 are interchangeable dependent on RNG)
5)Queen Bee(unless OOA turns out to be easier that I expect)
6)OOA i
9)Manual Pirates?
10)Probably still Destroyer first but it really depends on RNG relative to the state of my arena as well as any balance changes (and how hard Queen Slime is and or OOA ii)
11) Twins/Prime?
13)Queen Slime?
14)OOA ii?
15)Golem(after Hardmode Dungeon and or secondary entrance naturally)
16)Pumpkin Moon(That new mount sounds like it will be mandatory to stand a chance against the Martians)
17)Martian Madness or perhaps Frost Moon?
18)Lunatic Cultist & Vortex pillar to craft Phantasm
19+)Duke Fishron/OOA iii/Empress of Light etc. note I have no experience with EoL....

Last) Moon Lord Rage/Tears


As gunner... I always have my process like this. For 1.4 I think I still do the same. Drop something as something change here and there.

EoC (Shield)
-Random Blood Moon-
Goblin Army (Specter Boot)
-Random King Slime-
BoC (Process)
Meteor (Pew pew pew)
Queen Bee (Best Bow until Phoenix)
Skeletron (Didn't care to open the bag)
WoF (Demon Heart)

--- Jump to corrupt world for EoW
-Random Pirate :red:-
Destroyer (Megashark)
Twin + Skeletron Prime (Hallow Armor + Pickaxe Axe)
-Random Solar Eclipse :red:- (Reaper Scythe)
Queen Slime (nothing to do)
Plantera (Macr- Venus Blaster)
Frost Moon (until I got Chain Gun)
Duke Fishron (Wing + Tsunami)
Pumpkin Moon (Broom?)
Golem (Picksaw)
-Random Martian :red:-
Vortex (Vortex Beater) - Solar - Stardust - Nebura
gib by Moon lord

... woops complete forget about OOA....... and EoL ............ and ... Nautilus?

Yep, no way normal gunner can survive Moon event. So I just keep going until I get it. Gravestone everywhere...
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Duke Fishron
As gunner... I always have my process like this. For 1.4 I think I still do the same. Drop something as something change here and there.

EoC (Shield)
-Random Blood Moon-
Goblin Army (Specter Boot)
-Random King Slime-
BoC (Process)
Meteor (Pew pew pew)
Queen Bee (Best Bow until Phoenix)
Skeletron (Didn't care to open the bag)
WoF (Demon Heart)

--- Jump to corrupt world for EoW
-Random Pirate sh*t-
Destroyer (Megashark)
Twin + Skeletron Prime (Hallow Armor + Pickaxe Axe)
-Random Solar Eclipse sh*t- (Reaper Scythe)
Queen Slime (nothing to do)
Plantera (Macr- Venus Blaster)
Frost Moon (until I got Chain Gun)
Duke Fishron (Wing + Tsunami)
Pumpkin Moon (Broom?)
Golem (Picksaw)
-Random Martian sh*t-
Vortex (Vortex Beater) - Solar - Stardust - Nebura
gib by Moon lord

... woops complete forget about OOA....... and EoL ............ and ... Nautilus?

Yep, no way normal gunner can survive Moon event. So I just keep going until I get it. Gravestone everywhere...
Nautilus for all it has been hyped up to be isn't a boss it is more of a miniboss/pseudo boss a powerful regular enemy like the Wyvern, Ice Golem, Sand Elemental, Mothron, Goblin Summoner, Pirate Captain, Paladin or giant mimics etc. as it displays on the tally counter meaning it drops a banner. Ended up fishing one up when checking out changes on my old 1.3 character/world.

Incidentally for the point of progression they appear all of the blood moon fishing enemies are minibosses in terms of stats There are two prehardmode and 3 in hardmode with Nautilus being the strongest by far. Even the weakest is no joke however but they aren't bosses and become much easier to deal with once you get their respective banners at least in the case of the Wandering Eye Fish and Zombie Merman. Fun irrelevant fact my Journey+Master Mode playthrough thus far the Wandering Eye Fish currently has the highest single enemy death count aside from King Slime and EoC because if you try and keep away from it to avoid dying in one hit it flees and that is just the prehardmode ones. >_>


Those bloodmoon fishing enemy is .... pure cheap. Their stats and speed is complete brutal. While Zombie Merman can be kite with high enough platform. Wandering Fish require lot of room to avoid being gib. Homoshark and Blood Eel go even more crazy like Dev forget what regular speed is.

Didn't notice tally counter with Nautilus, but he's .... alright I guess? I still didn't know how to dodge the circle charge properly. But those squid minion is quite bad, they run away too fast.


My order is:

King Slime (if I get a Slime Rain)
Eye of Cthulhu
Brain of Cthulhu/Eater of Worlds
Skeletron (for Dungeon gear and Shadow Keys)
Goblin Army (if it spawns, I won't go out of my way to get it until after the WoF)
Wall of Flesh
Skeletron Prime (he's the easiest mech boss)
The Twins
The Destroyer
Solar Eclipse (I just hope to get it sooner rather than later)
Lunatic Cultist
The Pillars (specifically in the order of Vortex, Solar, Stardust, and Nebula)
Moon Lord

I just realized how many bosses I skip, and how in not getting the full Terraria experience. That'll change soon though, because I'm starting a Master Mode playthrough%:sigh:


In my master mode run I did the following order yet:

1. Eye of Cthulhu (the typical start)
2. Queen Bee (for Bee Gear because I struggled with the Brain)
3. Brain of Cthulhu (progression and Crimson Armor)
4. King Slime (for fun)
5. Goblin Invasion (for reforging)
6. Skeletron (progression)
7. Wall of Flesh (progression)
8. The Twins (normally I start with the Destroyer but I wasn't able to do it yet without enough preparation)
9. The Destroyer (progression and Megashark)
10. Skeletron Prime (progression)
12. Solar Eclipse (just happened)
13. Pirate Invasion (Just wanted to get my hands on the awesome new mount)
14. Plantera (progression)
15. Golem (progression, did him directly after Plantera cuz I was curious if he was buffed enough. He was not)
16. Queen Slime (for fun)
17. Lunatic Cultist (progession)
18. The Pillars (may the Solar Pillar burn in hell)

I tried the moon lord just casually afterwards without buffs or an arena and died by I think 80% remaining health. Shouldn't be that much of a problem. But next I'll do some building and try myself on the various events (frost/pumpkin moon, old man's army, martian invasion)


Since I am almost done with my journey mode, master difficulty run I'll put what order I beat events/bosses in for reference of when you can actually do them. This is what I would also consider normal progression for a master mode player, should they want a smoother ride (some drops make it easier to fight certain bosses).

1. Eye of Cthulhu
2. Eater of Worlds
3. King Slime (fought him a couple times before Skeletron, but didn't get to dupe his expert bag until after.)
4. Skeletron (Made new worlds for this to also search for pyramids)
4a. Goblin invasion (happened a couple times around this point.)
5. Queen Bee
6. Wall of Flesh
7. Queen Slime (because I could)
8. Skeletron Prime (because I found Sergeant United Shield in a traveling merchant shop)
9. Pirate invasion (farmed maps in ocean for duplication then the event for the mount)
9a. Solar eclipse/blood moon happened multiple times while farming for maps.
10. The Twins (Black March made it laughable.)
11. The Destroyer
11a. Old One's Army (mixed in between events/farming while I waited for bulbs to grow)
11b. More Eclipses and Blood Moons happened which gave me a couple biome keys (I purposely fought in said biomes during the event)
12. Plantera
13. Pumpkin Moon
14. Empress of Light (night)
15. Golem
15a. Attempted Frost Moon, but got demolished.
15b. Tried to learn Duke Fishron patterns (I've barely fought him pre 1.4)
16. Cultist
17. Pillars
18. Moon Lord
19. Empress of Light (day)
20. Moon Lord (for bag duplication)
21. Frost Moon (got to wave 15)
22. Duke Fishron (plan to, haven't yet)


My progression on my journey mode is
King Slime (the mount is honestly pretty good)
Eye of Cthulhu (the bow is good, but I am going summoner so I won't use it)
Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu (So I can get imp, but I might do it for QB)
Skeletron (Because I can’t find Queen Bee)
Queen Bee (the bee armor is good but obsidian is way better)
Wall of Flesh (Pwnhammer)
Queen Slime (optional)
Old One’s Army T1
HM Goblin Invasion
Goblin Summoner
The dumb pirate non sense
Pirate Captain
Flying Dutchman
Blood Moon (if it shows up)
The Twins (optic staff, and durendal)
The Destroyer (I sometimes do him before the twins but the optic staff is pretty good)
Skeletron Prime
Old One’s Army T2
Duke Fishron (for the tempest staff before plantera)
Empress of Light (Night)
Empress of Light (Day) (For the awesome Terraprisma before golem)
The dumb martian non sense
Martian Saucer
Old One’s Army T3
Lunatic Cultist
Stupid pillars
Moon Lord


Wanna know my calamity progression
Here it is

King Slime
Desert Scourge (the victide armor makes EoC a total piece of cake)
Giant Clam
Eye of Cthulhu
Blood Moon
Crabulon (The mycroroot is decent against queen bee)
Eater of Worlds
Hive Mind
Perforator Hive
Brain of Cthulhu
Queen Bee
Slime God (statigel armor and the god’s gambit are both decent against Skeletron)
Wall of Flesh (fun and black hawk remote)
Cryogen (the Daedalus armor is decent for the mechs and even Plantera)
Brimstone Elemental (Not useful, and can be skipped)
Aquatic Scourge (Enjoyable)
The Twins
The Destroyer
Duke Fishron
Skeletron Prime
Anahita and Leviathan (Enjoyable and Gastric Belcher Staff)
Plantera (reaver armor)
Astrum Aureus (Does not really drop good stuff unless you’re going Rogue class)
Duke Fishron
Plaguebringer Goliath
Astrum Deus
Lunatic Cultist
Moon Lord
Storm Weaver (does not really drop good stuff unless you’re Ranger class)
Ceaseless Void
Signus, Envoy of the Devourer
Old Duke
Profaned Guardians
Providence, the Profaned Goddess
Devourer of Gods
Jungle Dragon, Yharon
Supreme Calamitas
Boss Rush
Eidolon Wyrm (yes, wyrm)


1 - Eye of Cthulhu
1.5 - Goblin Invasion
2 - Brain of Cthulhu
2.5 - Blood Moon
3 - Queen Bee
4 - Skeletron
4.5 - T1 OOA
5 - Wall of Flesh

(king slime first if a slime rain happens)

0.5 - Blood Moon
1 - Queen Slime
2 - Skeletron Prime
2.5 - T2 OOA
3 - Twins
4 - Destroyer
5 - Plantera
5.5 - Pirate Invasion
6 - Pumpkin Moon
7 - Empress of Light
8 - Duke Fishron
9 - Golem
9.5 - T3 OOA
10 - Martian Madness
11 - Daytime Empress of Light
12 - Lunatic Cultist
13 - Pillars (Stardust, Nebula, Vortex, Solar)
14 - Moon Lord


Ancients Awakened progress
The Mushroom Monarch
The Feudal Fungus
King Slime
Grips of Chaos
Eye of Cthulhu
Truffle Toad
Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu
Queen Bee
Subzero Serpent
Desert Djinn
Wall of Flesh
The Twins
The Destroyer
Skeletron Prime
Duke Fishron
Rajah Rabbit
Lunatic Cultist
Moon Lord
Worm King Greed
Anubis; Forsaken Judge
(i can not spell but it is the awakened form of athena)
Eqounix Worms
Sisters of Discord
Akuma; Draconic Demon
Oni Akuma
Yamata; Dread Nightmare
Yamata no Orochi
Rajah Rabbit; Champion of the Innocent
Shen Doragon; Discordian Doomsayer
Shen Doragon Awakened


my aa progression with calamity
1. The Mushroom Monarch
2. The Feudal Fungus
3. King Slime
4. Desert Scourge
5. Giant Clam
6. Grips of Chaos
7. Eye of Cthulhu
8. Blood Moon
8. Crabulon
9. Truffle Toad
10. Eater of Worlds
10a. Goblin Army
11. Brain of Cthulhu (I can fight him in the same world because of calamity mod)
11a. Old One’s Army T1
11b. Dark Mage
11c. Dark Mage 2
12. The Hydra
13. The Broodmother
14. The Hive Mind
14a. The Hive Mind P2
14b. The Perforators
15. Skeletron
16. Queen Bee
17. Subzero Serpent
18. The Slime God
19. Desert Djinn
20. Sagittarius
21. Wall of Flesh
21a. Frost Legion
21b. Pirate Invasion
21c. Pirate Captain, Flying Dutchman, HM Goblin Invasion, Goblin Summoner
22. Cryogen
23. Brimstone Elemental
24. Aquatic Scourge
25. Athena
26. Calamitas
27. Rajah Rabbit
28. Greed
29. The Twins
30. The Destroyer
31. Duke Fishron
32. Skeletron Prime
32a. Old One’s Army T2
32b. Ogre
32c. Ogre 2
33. Anahita
33a. Leviathan
34. Plantera
34a. Pumpkin moon and frost moon
34b. Great Sand Shark
35. Astrum Aureus
36. Ravager
37. Golem
37a. Plaguebringer
37b. Old One’s Army T3
37c. Betsy
38. Plaguebringer Goliath
39. Eildolon Wyrm (Junvinile)
40. Astrum Deus
41. Lunatic Cultist
41a. Lunar Event
42. Moon Lord
43. Storm Weaver
43a. Storm Weaver P2
44. Ceaseless Void
45. Signus
46. Worm King Greed
47. Forsaken Anubis
48. Polterghast
49. Olympian Athena
50. The Old Duke
50a. Profaned Guardians
51. Eqounix Worms
52. Sisters of Discord
53. Providence
54. Akuma
55. Oni Akuma
56. Yamata
57. Yamata no Orochi
58. Devourer of Gods
58a. Devourer of Gods P2
59. Zer0
61. Dragonfolly
62. Champion Rajah
63. Shen Doragon
63a. Shen Doragon Awakened
64. Yharon
64a. Yharon P2
64b. Boss Rush
64c. Eidolon Wyrm
65. Supreme Calamitas
66. THE LORDE (old version of calamity)
1.King slime
2. Eyeball (eoc)
4.Queen bee
5.Papyrus (Skeletron)
69. That wall...
7. Queen slime
8. Twins ( or duke it depends)
9. Destroyer (or twins)
11.Power lily.
12. Golem
13. Empress of rainbows light
14. BABY SHARK DODODO (if not killed after mechs)
16. Moony boi

in a drunk world:
1. king slime
2. eye of cthulu
3. Big brain boi (brain of cthulu)
4. Eater of worlds
5. Queen bee
6. Papyrus (Skeletron)
7. Wall of flesh
8. Queen Slime
9. Twins
10. Deystroyer
11. Bad time SANS (Skeletron prime)
12. Plantera
13. Golem
14. Empress of light
15. Duke fishron
17. Moon boi/cthulu (Moon lord)
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