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What's your 1.4 order for killing bosses/events?


Also, my thorium progress
The Grand Thunder Bird
King Slime
The Queen Jellyfish
Bat boi (viscount)
Eye of Cthulhu
The Buried Champion
Granite head (granite energy storm)
Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu
Queen Bee
Wall of Flesh
Borean Strider
Duke Fishron
The Twins
The Destroyer
Skeletron Prime
The Lich
Lunatic Cultist
Dream Eater
Moon Lord

What is this lol?


Well...Is not really a strategy,i just use minions and 4 teleporters to troll pumpkings xd
How do u beat the twins

How do u beat the twins?

Brain of cthulhu.
Eye of cthulhu.
Queen bee.
Wall of flesh.
The Twins.
Skeletron prime.
The destroyer.
Duke Fishron
All old ones army.
Pumpkin moon.
Frost legion.
Frost moon.
Queen Slime.
Martian invasion.
Lunatic Cultist.
Empress of light.
Moon Lord.
What is the best weapon to beat the twins

What is the best way to beat the twins on xbox 360 edition

Cause what ever I do to beat it on Xbox 360 edition I keep losing


How do u beat the twins?
You can use light disc from the destroyer or the flarion from duke
Hallowed armor and 400 HP can be decent
For ranger, use megashark or tsunami from duke
For mage, use razorblade typhoon or bubble gun
For summoner, use cool whip and that summon weapon from duke


Brain of Cthulhu
My order:
  1. Eye of Cthulhu
  2. Goblin Army (usually happens here, but not always)
  3. Eater of World/Brain of Cthulhu
  4. Queen Bee
  5. Skeletron
  6. Wall of Flesh
  7. Pirate Invasion (usually happens pretty early in Hardmode)
  8. Queen Slime
  9. Destroyer/Skeletron Prime
  10. The other mech boss from 9.
  11. The Twins
  12. Solar Eclipse (sometimes happens after one or two mech bosses)
  13. Plantera
  14. Solar Eclipse
  15. Pumpkin Moon and/or Frost Moon
  16. Golem
  17. Duke Fishron and/or Empress of Light
  18. Martian Madness
  19. Lunatic Cultist
  20. Lunar Events
  21. Moon Lord
I don’t do Old One’s Army tier one because there’s barely any loot. If I do OOA at all, I do tier two somewhere around Plantera, and tier three around Martian Madness.
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I don't quite know since I haven't done many playthroughs, but I my last one was something like this:
Eye of Cthulhu
Duke fishy
Skele Prime
Moon Dude.

I haven't actually finished the last two yet since I haven't been playing on that world much.


And my fargos progression is
1. King Slime
2. Eye of Cthulhu
3. Blood Moon
4. Goblin Army
5. Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu
6. Old One’s Army T1
7. Dark Mage
8. Dark Mage 2
9. Queen Bee
10. Skeletron
11. Deviannt (annoying)
12. Wall of Flesh
1. Frost Legion
2. Hard mode goblin army
3. Goblin Summoner
4. Pirate Invasion
5. Pirate Captain
6. Flying Dutchman
7. The Twins
8. The Destroyer
9. Skeletron Prime
10. OOA Tier 2
11. Ogre
12. Ogre 2
13. Solar Eclipse
14. Mothron
15. Duke Fishron
16. Plantera
17. Golem
18. OOA Tier 3
19. Betsy
20. Lunatic Cultist
21. Stardust Pillar
22. Nebula Pillar
23. Vortex Pillar
24. Solar Pillar
25. Moon Lord
1. Champions
2. Abombanattionn (yes there is two n’s at the end)
3. Mutant
4. Ceiling of Moon Lord
5. Guntera
6. Echdeath


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Eye of Cthulhu
-Goblin Army
-Eye of Cthulhu
-King Slime (may skip if I don’t have rubies)
-World Evil bosses
-Queen Bee
-OOA, just to get defender medals
-Wall of Flesh

-Queen Slime
-Mech bosses: Destroyer first and Twins last
-OOA 2
-Solar Eclipse - I’m counting it because it’s usually manually summoned
-Pumpkin Moon
-Frost Moon, usually skipped
-Martians, Duke, Empress - order always changes
-OOA 3
-Pillars: whichever class I’m running first, then order is just what’s convenient depending on where my fishing spots are.
-Moon Lord

Pirates aren’t placed anywhere specific because I never get them at the same time between runs.

This sometimes changes depending on class. I delay T2 OOA and skip Frost Moon when running melee since I won’t be using any of the items I can get from them, for Mage I do Twins first for rainbow rod, and for Summoner I rush Pumpkin Moon asap and skip Frost Moon.


My mor and calamity progress
1. Mighty King Chicken
2. Chicken Invasion
3. Trojan Chicken
4. Sunken Captain
1. King Slime
2. Thorn
3. Desert Scourge
4. Giant Clam
5. Eye of Cthulhu
6. Crabulon
7. Blood Moon
8. The Keeper
9. Skull Digger
10. Eater of Worlds
11. OOA T1
12. Dark Mage
13. Dark Mage 2
14. Seed of Infection
15. Hive Mind
16. Perforator Hive
17. Brain of Cthulhu
18. Eaglecrest Golem
19. Queen Bee
20. Slime God
21. Skeletron
22. Wall of Flesh
1. Frost Legion
2. Pirate Invasion
3. Pirate Captain
4. Flying Dutchman
5. Hardmode Giant Clam
6. Hardmode Goblin Invasion
7. Goblin Summoner
8. Infected Eye
9. Cryogen
10. Blisterface
11. Brimstone Elemental
12. Aquatic Scourge
13. The Twins
14. The Destroyer
15. Skeletron Prime
16. OOA T2
17. Ogre
18. Ogre 2
19. Calamitas
20. Anahita and Leviathan
21. Astrum Aureus
22. Plantera
23. Golem
24. Vlitch Cleaver
25. Vlitch Gigapede
26. OOA T3
27. Betsy
28. Duke Fishron
29. Astrum Deus
30. S3 Infected Scientist
31. Irritated Behemoth
32. Lunatic Cultist
33. Stardust Pillar
34. Nebula Pillar
35. Vortex Pillar
36. Solar Pillar
37. Moon Lord
Post moon lord
1. Omega Obliterator
2. Storm Weaver
3. Ceaseless Void
4. Signus
5. MACE Project
6. Patient Zero
7. Polterghast
8. Old Duke
9. King Chicken’s Royal Army
10. Rooster King
11. Ancient Deity Duo
12. Nebulous
13. Profaned Guardians
14. Providence
15. DoG
16. Dragonfolly
17. Yharon
18. Supreme Calamitas
Post Supreme Calamitas
1. Boss Rush
3. Eidolon Wyrm


It allows you to store up multiple quotes from different users that you can include in any part of your posts. It is basically a more extensive version of the "reply" feature on threads.

Since this is off topic for this Thread, it will be better to discuss this elsewhere if you have more questions about it. You can either send me a PM or create a thread here if you're interested in asking more specifics about it: Forum Help & Feedback
That is pretty cool. I’ll try it out on different forums sometime.


Why (ancients awakened progress with TT before GoC)
The Mushroom Monarch
The Feudal Fungus
King Slime
Truffle Toad
Eye of Cthulhu
Grips of Chaos
Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu
Queen Bee
Subzero Serpent
Desert Djinn
Wall of Flesh
Duke Fishron
The Twins
The Destroyer
Skeletron Prime
Rajah Rabbit
Lunatic Cultist
Moon Lord
Forsaken Anubis
Olympian Athena
Worm King Greed
Equinox Worms
Sisters of Discord
Oni Akuma
Yamata no Orachi
Rajah Rabbit’s Revenge
Shen Doragon
Shen Doragon Awakened
Infinity Zer0 (coming soon)
0blivi0n Second Phase


ok all the O’s in the AA progress as a 0
The Mushr00m M0narch
The Feudal Fungus
King Slime
Grips 0f Ch0as
Eye 0f Cthulhu
Truffle T0ad
Eater 0f W0rlds 0r Brain 0f Cthulhu
Queen Bee
Subzer0 Serpent
Desert Djinn
Wall 0f Flesh
The Twins
The Destr0yer
Skeletr0n Prime
Anubis, Legendscribe
Rajah Rabbit
Duke Fishr0n
Lunatic Cultist
M00n L0rd
Anubis; F0rsaken Judge
0lmpian Athena
W0rm King Greed
Equin0x W0rms
Sisters 0f Discord
0ni Akuma
Yamata n0 0r0chi
Infinity Zer0 (c0ming s00n)
Rajah Rabbit; Champi0n 0f the Inn0cent
Shen D0ragon
Shen D0ragon Awakened
0blivi0n (c0ming s00n)
0blivi0n Sec0nd Phase (c0ming s00n)


1. Eye of Cthulhu
2. Skeletron
3. EoW/BoC
4. Queen Bee
5. Wall of Flesh
6. The Twins
7. Skeletron Prime
8. Destroyer
9. Queen Slime
10. Plantera
11. Golem
12. Empress of Light
13. Lunatic Cultist
14. Pillars
15. Moon Lord
16. King Slime

I only ever fight King Slime if he spawns in naturally, his spawn item is expensive early game


Skeletron Prime
1. Eye of Cthulhu

2. Eater of Worlds

3. Skeletron.

4. King Slime (I never like trying to get the rubys so I usually wait a while or wait till it spawns.)

5. Queen Bee

6. Wall of Flesh.

7. The Destroyer

8. The Twins

9. Skeletron Prime

10. Plantera

11. Golem.

12. Lunatic Cultist.

13. Moon Lord.

14. Empress of Light

15. Dreadnautilus

16. Pumpking

17. Ice Queen



  1. Eye of Cthulhu
  2. Brain of Cthulhu
  3. Skeletron
  4. Queen Bee
  5. Wall of Flesh
  6. King Slime
  7. The Twins
  8. Skeletron Prime
  9. The Destroyer
  10. P l a n t b o i
  11. Golem
  12. Cultist
  13. Duke
  14. ML

Storm Diver

Skeletron Prime
Usually in this order unless an event spawns early;

1. Eye of Cthulhu
2. King Slime
3. Brain of Cthulhu
4. Goblin Army
5. Queen Bee
6. Skeletron
7. Wall of Flesh
8. Destroyer
9. Queen Slime
11. Skeletron Prime
10. The Twins
12. Solar Eclipse
13. Plantera
14. Golem
15. Pumpkin Moon
16. Frost Moon
17. Duke Fishron
18. Empress of Light
19. Martian Madness
20. Lunatic Cultist
21. Lunar Events
22. Moon Lord


1: Goblin Army - Actually pretty difficult if you haven't min-maxed, Goblin Archers are a pain and they're all relatively tanky, worth it for Tinkerer though.
2: King Slime
3: Eye of Cthulu - It always spawns before King Slime for me, but I find it obnoxious to instantly kill two of the limited number of pre-Hardmode bosses not long after starting, so I save and quit every time it spawns so I can "build up to" the fight and actually feel some progression.
4: Brain of Cthulu/Eater of Worlds - I fight both in one world for the novelty of it, but not at the same time.
5: OOA Tier 1 - If my gear isn't clearing waves effectively enough I put off this tier until post-Skeletron.
6: Queen Bee
7: Skeletron
8: Wall of Flesh
9: Pirate Invasion - About as difficult as the Goblin Army was at the start of pre-Hardmode. I like to make a box around the Dutchman, pour some lava in it, then sit directly below in a safebox while leaving the game on to collect Greedy Ring components.
10: Solar Eclipse - I cheat a bit by hoiking into the Jungle Temple to get enough Eclipse summons to get the Bat Wings.
11: Dreadnautilus - I know it isn't actually a boss, but considering its health-pool and that I consider it the single most difficult enemy in the game relative to when you're "supposed" to fight it, it may as well be. Well worth the pain for the Sanguine Staff though.
12: Queen Slime - Actually harder than any of the Mech Bosses by a mile, even with the exact same gear. I only fight her first because I'm trying to vaguely stick to progression. Doesn't drop anything amazing though.
13: Twins - I consider them the most difficult Mech, but they're also the quickest to kill. For that reason I use them to get my initial stack of Hallowed Bars.
14: OOA Tier 2 - This is nowhere near easy right after the first Mech, but it's feasible and finally lets me replace my light pet.
15: Destroyer - OOA 2 gear can make this easier, sentries tend to be effective since the Destroyer has such a large hitbox.
16: Skeletron Prime - Takes ages to kill so I put it off for a while.
17: Plantera
18: Pumpkin Moon - I don't care how far I get in this as long as I kill both mini-bosses once and get the Hexxed Branch and Witch's Broom.
19: Frost Moon - I don't care how far I get in this either, as long as I kill each mini-boss once.
20: Empress of Light - Takes ages to kill with pre-Golem gear but it's doable. I use her night drops to fight the daytime version immediately after too. Terraprisma makes all future trash mobs a non-threat.
21: Golem
22: Martian Madness - Dangerous event, but has decent drops and Terraprisma takes care of ground mobs.
23: OOA Tier 3 - The toughest tier, but Terraprisma again makes it much easier than it would otherwise be.
23: Duke Fishron - Goes down pretty quickly if you fight him at this point, but it can also take you out quickly if you slip up. Excellent drops as well.
24: Lunatic Cultist
25: Lunar Events - Whatever pillar corresponds to the class I'm playing first, then in whatever order I feel like.
26: Moon Lord
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