What's your dream job?


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I'm sure a lot of people here are old enough to have a job. It's a guarantee someone will have a job they don't like, so what job would you like to have of you could have any in the world?

For me, it's either being a marine photographer in a tropical location, a video game designer, or someone who games as a living. I know, kinda Farfetch'd, but hey, there's always a chance if you work at it.

Try to keep it plausible, Emperor of the World isn't gonna happen no matter how much you wish it would :p
Programmer, multimedia developer, website builder and manager, musician, database guru. For Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. All at the same time. And you know what?

Yuppers. :dryadhappy: I've even a little time to spare for game playing now and then.
And Bionicle (though I've heard rumors they're bringing it back, but I never pay attention to Lego after they dropped it.)

As for the question, I don't really know. Working for Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter would be nice.
They actually have just brought it back, it's been out for a couple of months!
I'd be a game dev, and graphic designer, or hell, even an artist. Alternately, I could also work in hell. I hear Lucifer pays well for people to jab at the damned with pitchforks.
Making money isn't always the same as having a job. Also, a job suggests you are working for someone else.

With that said, my dream occupation would be in comedy, or in science fiction writing.
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