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What's your favorite Pokemon?

Like the title says, what is your favorite Pokemon?

Mine would be:
3rd evolution: Garchomp. He's a freakin' awesome land shark who can fold up into a jet like thing and fly, what more could you want?

2nd Evolution: Don't have one...

1st evolution: Mudkip...because Mudkip.
Most interesting mudkip pixel (with shading).png

Legendary: Probably either Groudon or Palkia.

So, what are your favorites?
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Lunatic Cultist
3rd Evolution:
Butterfree, Meganium

2nd Evolution:
Venomoth, Liligant

1st Evolution
Cottonee, Eevee

Articuno, Shaymin

Favorite Types Overall
Bug, Grass
Third evolution would have to be either Goodra or Aegislash.
Goodra's identifying characteristic is the fact that it hugs its trainer. If that isn't the cutest damn thing you've ever heard, I don't know you and you don't know me.
And I mean
Aegislash is a sword
nothing else to it, mang

As for second evolution...Probably Ninjask. Half because I've used one on every one of my teams since Emerald, and half because the idea of a bug ninja amuses me.

Favorite unevolved is Fennekin.
I don't even have to explain Fennekin. Shhhhh.

As for my favorite legendaries, those titles go to Shaymin and Giratina.
Shaymin is the cutest damn thing of all time (Hedgehogs tend to be, but Shaymin is a hedgehog's cuteness multiplied by 50.), and while I don't think of "YOU'RE GOSH DARN ADORABLE." when I think of a dark dragon banished from our world, Giratina has that sort of "it's really clumsy so it's adorable" thing going for it, specifically talking about its Altered Form.

I like cute Pokemon. Have you noticed? I don't think you noticed. Look harder. See?


Third evolution: Hydreigon.
It's a three-headed, well, hydra. That eats stuff. Lots of stuff. It's also got cool typing and a great movepool and some pretty awesome stats. Too bad it's garbage in the competitive scene now... Oh yeah, its shiny form is pretty great too. I like Hydreigon.

Second evolution: Weavile.
It's actually my favorite Pokemon, but since its evolutionary chain only has two in it, I'll just put it here. It's got a cool appearance and I'm a sucker for dark-types. Not to mention it's also got some nice usability as a revenge-killer.

First evolution/unevolved: Klefki.
The thing is ADORABLE. Plus Prankster is a neat ability and caters to my "annoying as hell entry-hazards and screens" competitive playstyle. Insta-paralysis is good too. It's just overall a cool little thing. also I can make @Supeh Mario really mad using it

Legendary: Darkrai/Giratina.
Darkrai is plain-out cool, what with Dark Void and all (I hate and love that move) and his appearance. Again, I like dark-types. Giratina is a ghost, which I also like as a type. Giratina's also cool because of the dual forms which take on very different roles in competitive, being either a wall or an offensive attacker. It's also got an amazing personal little world.


3rd form Gardevior, it's now fairy and Psychic Type, and it has an elegant charm.
Second form, Wigglytuff.
1st form, Turtwig, it's a cute turtle that is Grass type.

Legendary Articuno.


Duke Fishron
3rd evo: Empoleon, cuz overpowered penguin awesomeness.
2nd evo: not sure...
1st evo: Meowth. Not for the game, for the show.
Legendary: Articuno. Feaking ice bird.


(I've played the third generation only, I don't know most of the new one.)(And the hacked roms
1st evolution: Charmander (cute and fire type :p)
2nd evolution : None
3rd evolution: Hydreigon
Legendary: Giratina


Ok, I'm really bad at choosing favorites....

3rd evolution
Cause I like turtles....

2nd evolution
One of the few I actually liked in generation V
No idea why....

1st evolution
I love these little guys
and these too....



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I really like Torterra as well, he's an awesome fighter, and a turtle. Great combination. Of course I'm also a TMNT fan. I chose Gardevior in my post because there's just something more to that one.


Turtles fo life
as much as I like Gardevoir, Gardevoir gets way too much 34....
I don't know what 34 is(I have a guess), but given your reply I'm guessing I do not want to know.

If that guess is right, well, the misuse of something shouldn't detract from what something is supposed to be.

theclownfish II

i have more favorites than i listed

3rd evo: tyranitar, typhlosion or sceptile


2nd evo: bayleef, espeon, umbreon, rampardos, tyrantrum or lucario

(dirty bastard refused to give me the x&y sprite)
(and this one didnt have a good GIF)

1st evo: treecko


legendary: palkia or lugia

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