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What's your favorite Pokemon?


3rd Evolution: Charizard

2nd Evolution: Lucario

1st Evolution: Blaziken

Legendary: Suicune and also The legendary Titans (they make cool sounds)

Mythical: Victini and Keldeo


3rd Evolution: Salamence or Aegislash, Can't decide.

2rd Evolution: Sylveon.

1st Evolution: Eevee, Bulbasaur or Bagon, again cant decide :p

Legendarys: Solgaleo Mane of Dusk or Xerneas. :)


Third Evolution:
Simple Primarina Sprite.JPG Primarina
Reason: Popplio is my favorite starter from the sun and moon games and I found its final evolution to be absolutely majestic.

Second Evolution:
Simple Leafeon Sprite.JPG Leafeon
Reason: I love Leafeon's cry and just the way it looks in general, Sylveon is also sitting next to leafeon in the 2nd evolution chair, but I was too lazy to draw both.

First Evolution:
Simple Fennekin.JPG Fennekin
Reason: Fennekin was the reason I started this whole pokemon journey, X was my first pokemon game played and I just adored fennekin when I first laid my eyes on it.

Simple Lunala nonsprite.JPG Lunala (too lazy to draw)
Reason: As a kid, I had a liking for bats and still kinda do. Lunala just seemed like the coolest to me when I first laid eyes on it...ironically, I hate the entire zubat line.


If I'm going with adorable factor and majestic (and because I live in Ohio), it would be deerling and sawsbuck


Official Terrarian
3rd Evolution: Ferrothorn, great design and typing and of course amazing in battle.
2nd Evolution: Either Breloom or Banette, since I love both Breloom and Banette's design.
1st Evolution: Wynaut, the fact that this Pokémon was in LC and UBERS at the same time once is just hilarious to me and also it looks great.

Legendary: Hmm, I like most of the Legendaries, but the genies and their therian formes are especially great both in design wise and battle. So Landorus/Tornadus/Thundurus and their therian formes pretty much.

Changing Flask

Unevolved: Snivy, just perhaps sarmatian style or whatever gives it a boost.
Single-stage Evolution: Umbreon. Give or take, it looks grim, but also would be stealthy. Imagine a black fox sneaking into your home, in middle of night, to kill a mouse.
Two-stage Evolution: Luxray and Charizard. Still split on those, but leaning towards Luxray, as its electric abilities look AWESOME!

(Ehem, Rainbow Dash, is it best time to comment?
Sorry, I just got 'carried over', as you dragon say it.)

Anyway, Luxray seems to be viable and feral, but that's how I like it.
Legendary: Latias, cuteness reasons. The PMD minor role just doesn't cut it out, she needs a bigger arc. Also biased towards planes.


Brain of Cthulhu
1st snivy
2nd venepeed (don't question spelling mistakes
3rd serperior or scollapeed (idk spelling)
Legendary Yvetal or articuno

Digitus Zero

I guess this is still active so I am going to put my favorite pokemon.



1.Type Null.



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