PC What's your favorite theme?

What's your favorite theme

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I like all the themes but I will go for Jungle cause the music feels really jungle-tummy-dance-or-whatever.....
They're all pretty good, although none of them really stuck out to me or seemed really memorable. If I had to pick one from the list, though, I'd say Ocean/Beach.
I would choose the Eclipse theme, if all were an option. Out of the ones on the poll, I would choose uhm Corruption.
Surface hallow is my favorite, but the ocean biome is a close second. Those two are at the top for me (non-boss themes). Solar eclipse is pretty good too though.
I love them all too much to choose just one. Although I do really love the strings part of the underground corruption
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Oh, this is a tough one. hmmm.... I think I will have to declare a tie between Underground Corruption and the Snow biome.
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