What's your favorite thing about Terraria?


Duke Fishron
Hellloooo everyone!
Just a simple question, what is your favorite thing about Terraria? I guess I'll get the joint started, my favorite thing is that I can play even when I have a slow internet connection. Now leave your favorite thing below!


Empress of Light
that its a sandbox game, and you can do whatever you want ^^
you are not really required to do anything (x

so i guess i like the freedom in the game :3


There's really no story in it for me to get interested in, so I would have to go with the music. Fits perfectly with the game, and I can't stop myself from listening to it.
It also runs fast, unlike that Minecraft...


Staff member
Well, I'm gonna have to go with Baconfry in this, I love the forums.

I get a good kick out of some of the people in it, while simultaneously I am awestruck by some of the amazing community content that is created here. This is said for all the glamorous in-game builds posted, the in depth creativity of some suggestions that make so much sense, and there is a bit of a "family vibe" associated here. It's a very fun experience overall I think.


Staff member
Community, cool folks on the team, and as for the game itself - it's like someone took one of my favorite 8 bit sidescrollers and removed all of the "invisible walls" (hate those) and barriers to take any approach I want.

It's like metroid meets SOTN meets minecraft with a good sense of humor.


I like all them BEAST MODE items like ummm... the Piranha Gun... that gun tho. The Community is like, eh. Also that music tho.


Queen Bee
The amazing array of different weapons combined with big building possibilities and a perfectly fitting soundtrack. Throw a bunch of awesome enemies in and you got yourself the perfect 2D sandbox game ;)


Duke Fishron
I like the turn out for this! I have discovered a new favorite thing, after farming for a while finally getting that item. Oh my god, I love the feeling.


Official Terrarian
The part where i blow up the entire jungle and put all my NPCs into a concentration camp (built in the deep hell pit that used to be the jungle, literally on the hell level) and proceed to destroy every single thing in sight as the monsters cower before my unimaginable power of the ancient ones.

And the building, i guess.
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