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What's your favorite thing about Terraria?


Duke Fishron
The part where i blow up the entire jungle and put all my NPCs into a concentration camp (built in the deep hell pit that used to be the jungle, literally on the hell level) and proceed to destroy every single thing in sight as the monsters cower before my unimaginable power of the ancient ones.

And the building, i guess.
Not bad.


I think the one thing I love the most about Terraria is the insane amount of building options you have (The fourms barely lose)

II Jubjubb II

I love the item mechanics, looking for and finding chests that may have something useful for me to use or craft with is just so rewarding:)


Exploration, mining, combat, being able to destroy anything in your path, or build whatever you feel like. You aren't restricted on where to go, or have a set layout like other 2D action platformers.

theclownfish II

i can release my anger and take it out on enemies. on a more serious note my favorite thing is that you can endlessly kill things. its fun in my opinion


the thing i love about Terraria is the sense of progress of the game. And the huge number of weapons. I always end up crafting/searching for all of them, even if it's just for collection *__*


I would have to say I really enjoy most of the musical tracks the game has to offer with my favorites being space,rain,underground jungle,ocean,dungeon and the corruption. I like the gameplay too it's solid,addictive, simplistic and all around the world does kinda seem alive for certain aspects like the spreading of corruption,crimson and hallow. The amount of customization is just wonderful my god. I started with minecraft and I constantly found myself just wearing nothing because it was more aesthetically appealing then wearing what looks almost like a bucket on my head. Where as in terraria the armor sets are so very different and then there's the vanity stuff sure they are useless for the most part but all in all they can add some interesting character models being made XD The bosses are just as much my favorite as the rest of the enemies from their roar too their looks everything is just so unique and fresh it's wonderful.


That beautiful sight of a boss splitting into chunks and flying apart, as the boss music begins to fade out.


The community has to be one of my favourite parts of the whole game itself. It's fairly laid back, and a lot more welcoming than some I've seen (looking at you Superwholock and Minecraft)

And well, the game itself. Its a fun upbeat game that I can get all my friends to play, and we all build cities and stuff like that. The building, the items, the amount of creation you can possibly do in each world. It's just amazing to me.

Oh and you can also fight Mourning Wood with Golden Shower, basically fighting an erect p*nis tree with peepee. I never knew that was my dream until I got this game.


Skeletron Prime
I love how much stuff there is... There is just sooo much stuff! I love grinding to try to get every item in the game.

Thats the reason I went from Minecraft to Terraria to be honest, it holds my limited attention span better.
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