What's your guilty pleasure?

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Duke Fishron
Trolling furries. It's just SO easy, they'll take any bait you throw out there. I should go for harder targets, but man, sometimes instant victory and a ninth-level :red:storm over things like 'whether it's ok to call people with dragon characters furries instead of scalies as a general term' is suuuper satisfying.




Skeletron Prime
nostalgia overflow
I'd most likely speedrun games I had from a early age (Simpsons Hit & Run, Pokemon Platinum) rather than say, X and Y.
but otherwise it's exploiting game mechanics


Lunatic Cultist
I have a thing for over the top gore, nothing is more pleasurable for me in a video game than watching people explode and seeing guts and blood rain everywhere.
I ditto this.

....though it doesn't mix well with the first thing I said...
No, it's not "that pleasure"
For a while it was the Last Post Wins thread though that interest has been waning. At which, I'll have nothing really in the terms of a guilty pleasure.

Added (Years Later): At least, nothing else I'd care to admit on here.
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Spending a few hours playing a game and having an amazing time, then taking a break AKA not playing it again for months, and only playing it again because I feel guilty that I didn't beat the game.


Oh now I get it. *gets weird looks* everyone has done that once in their life.
EDIT: Everyone is low sometimes. Mostly for some people a LOT.
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