Mobile when is lepus supposed to be fought?


Skeletron Prime
its drops are jungle-tier at best, but its hp and damage is early pre-mech hardmode(if there is such a boss tier).
and that's with 1 lepus, normally you'd be fighting something like 5 unless you somehow manages to pop every single large lepus egg in the fight, which could take up to 3 minutes even with early hardmode weapons.
I fought it in the 3DS version with post Skeletron gear. I don't know when you are supposed to fight it, as I just killed it with the arduous effort of the Musket. It has too much Health for a pre-hardmode boss, but it has such a simple and brainless pattern that makes it easy enough to take down(if you have the patience.) The eggs that it spawned can be easily dealt with by the Blade of Grass or any other sword that is decent in strength at the time.

All in all, it is a terrible boss that has no place in the game of Terraria. I'm glad that it is getting removed.
How did you make sure not a single large egg hatched?
I understand that they’re easy to destroy, but you’re screwed if just one of them hatches.
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Lepus is completely skippable, none of the gear it drops is worth anything, and it's nearly impossible to kill for as early as you can spawn it.
Completely worthless boss.
A friend of mine spawned it first night because he got the game in the Easter season. Even if it kills you, it doesn't despawn. You have to exit and come back, which is not terribly inconvenient, but it is arduous. Plus, the eggs from diseaster bunnies clog up your chests like crazy.
My advice: don't. There are much easier ways to get good gear (if you can call Lepus gear "good"). It's so not worth it. The Eye drops better stuff.
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