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**REPORTED** When teleported from a snow pylon to another pylon, if the other pylon is underwater, I get the chilled debuff even tho it's not snow biome

Marcos Moutta

Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 7
Terraria Version
Controls Used
So, I have a pylon above ground on my snow biome, and if I use it to teleport to my desert pylon which is underwater, I get the chilled low speed debuff when I reach the desert pylon. I guess it's because it takes like a second for the game to switch between biomes, might be impossible to fix/not be a bug, but still, it's annoying.
bug report 2.png


Duke Fishron
Yes, the game tries to make smooth transitions from biome to biome. Backgrounds slowly fade in, music fades out and new music fades in, and enemies slowly start to spawn from the new biome. It must be that it still registers the water as being from the Snow biome. I guess the main remedy here is to warp to the Desert from anywhere else, or not have your Desert Pylon in water.
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