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Where's My Items

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This mod adds a hotkey (Defaults to the Delete key for quick access) that brings up an input field that helps you find items in your various chests. After hitting the hotkey, just start typing and chests with the item you are searching for will start sparking. In addition to sparks, up to 3 matching items in those chests will show in a special peek window for even more efficient item locating.

Currently, you can only use the search feature while in the presence of town NPC to prevent using it to find chests while exploring.

Future features are dependent on coders contributing to the project.

See it in action:

v0.3+ Peek feature

Planned Features:
  • Dunno.
  • Fix phantom textbox bug
  • Press Tab key to restore last search from history
  • Magic Storage support
  • Fix animated item drawing
  • Fix Overlap issues
  • Draw Player Chests (Piggy Bank, Safe, Defenders Forge)
  • Big thanks to @alienmist325 for adding these amazing features:
    • Piggy bank/Safe/Defenders Forge support
    • Item Peeks
  • Multiplayer support (oops. heh.)
  • Initial Release
  • Use hotkey to open up window and just start typing.
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Ignore the last post xD it was accident, it was going to be on my topic xD

To keep the flow, yes, that mod is amazing, and i probably going to use it, even thou i try to make my storage organized ;p
Doesnt change the fact that he makes the best utility mods out there. He and Blue are the Adam and Eva for Terraria Modding currently.
Which is what I meant =p We should also not forget we have ChickenBones, he made very popular mods for Minecraft such as EnderStorage, but I have yet to see a tML mod from him.
Thank you for this. I'm a really unorganized Terraria player so this will come in handy. :D
Just recently started using mods in Terraria and already found your "Helpful Hotkeys"-Mod, well pretty useful ^^. Mainly using it for the smart-storage-feature, but sometimes it's smarter than me. And this is where this new mod of yours comes in handy xD. Perfect addition when i forgot to favorite a newly crafted item or such thing.

P.S.: Found the mod after watching the newest video from ChippyGaming (link from his description)
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