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My house is extremely big and touches space but it could be better and I want help you dont have to but I would like it so is there anyone interested in helping your boy out? I want the mansion to be very wide and tall


Solar Pillar
"Wide and tall" isn't really a good explanation, I need some more more details:
A -How much floors will this mansion have?
B -How tall will these floors be?
C -What will this mansion be made out of? (Example: gold bricks, smooth marble, platinum bricks, etc.)
D -How much rooms will be in each floor?
E -Will this mansion have NPCs in it or will it be more personal?
AND, F -Which image under this text resembles your mansion the most? :

If you can answer some of these questions I think I can have a few reccomendations; but you really don't have to answer all of it, I can fill in the rest! :D


around 7 floors with around average height for the floors be made of rainbow bricks 2 rooms per floor and yes definitley npcs and image 2 is most like it


Solar Pillar
around 7 floors with around average height for the floors be made of rainbow bricks 2 rooms per floor and yes definitley npcs and image 2 is most like it
Here is a blueprint:
First, we need to select a full theme for your mansion. For instance, the mansion design you chose was in the "vortex" style looking like the vortex pillar and stuff like that. All I can think of with the gradiant rainbow is a "gamer mouse" style...
So, we need to use something like that like graphite. But since there is no graphite in Terraria, we have to use the closest thing, graNITE! Since it doesn't look cool, I'd reccomend painting it black. For the rainbow theme, I'd also recommend using some crystal blocks. Well, let's start!
At first, let's try the 7 floors first:pixil-frame-0 (1).png Here, we see a simple 7 floors... But we should make a nice corridor and thicken the walls:
pixil-frame-0 (2).png
. Let's add a floor and roof to this base:
pixil-frame-0 (4).png
As you see, I also made some curves at the bottom to make it less robotic. Well, we made the base, but no one can get inside it! We need some doors and platforms! And what is a stylish base without an epic crystal inside?
pixil-frame-0 (5).png
As you see, I made a special addition in the 6th floor.
Now, we've got purple for crystal blocks, but where are the rainbow blocks? No worries, we got your back! :
pixil-frame-0 (6).png
"What about granite" I hear you ask. We should add those along with some more crystal!
pixil-frame-0 (7).png

(purple for crystal blocks, blue for granite, brown for platforms and doors, black for undefined blocks)
Let's add some glass! But for that, we won't add actual glass, but echo blocks! (I'll explain why)
pixil-frame-0 (3).png
Now, you must really be wondering why would we do that, right? Well, we were going to put an echo station!
pixil-frame-0 (8).png

Now, the full reason for using echo blocks here is for the glass to look more transparent.
So, the place looks very plain and simple. We gotta have some more detail:
pixil-frame-0 (9).png
Now it looks better! Also in the 4th floor, we see tall gates. It looks nice so I decided to add them! Well, no house wouldn't have walls, right? Let me show you a map of walls:
pixil-frame-0 (10).png
As you see, I made a little room inside the floors. The reason I did that was because I was going to use it to put an electrical circuit inside. But before we get into that, we gotta come close and make an interesting choice of light source. First, we need gemspark blocks. 2 of each color will suffice. Also, don't forget to bring your echo coating! We'll need that!
pixil-frame-0 (11).png
(there is an 8th pad at the right tip of the room) You need to place them in this order. Paint them in echo coating and actuate them. Since you wired them, you probably also caused them to be deactivated. Let them stay that way. Now, remove the wires and actuators. The gray thing is a boulder statue with teal pressure pads in front. Wire them in this way:


Solar Pillar
I like this layout. approximate time?
I think it'd take me 2 days to build it, and another day to add small details I missed when I told you how to do it. I mean that you could do it in 3 days, but I think it would require working for one hour in the first 2 days and 30 minutes for the third. So I think it could be done in 3 days but it would be okay to do in 4.

By the way, speaking of details I missed, here's what they are:

I'd suggest making two symetrical paladium columns (2 or 3 tiles wide, painted in white or black [or something like that]) in the main hall going up to allign the platforms (break the platforms that block the path) put symetrically. After you put them, actuate them only leaving the top part intact and paint the exact top part the darker color than the color of the rest of the column (gray if the rest is white, black if the rest is gray, shadow or black if the rest is black).
Now, since that's done, we get to a much simpler part. Put glass blocks on the windows I told you about. Actuate them and put some platforms underneath them and that's kind of it for that one.
Now, we get to the hard part! In this part, you'll need to do a lot of work. I already told you a thing or two about the control room of the lighting of the main hall. About that, just make it a boulder statue with 8 teal pressure pads in its right. Breake the seveth one. Connect the second and eighth one to the statue, and then, connect the first one to the white gemspark blocks in the layout. Connect the next one to the yellow ones, and then the green ones, and so on. Make sure the wires don't jumble (it's hard, but it is possible, I did it.)!
As a little detail, please don't leave the space under the main hall empty. It has a lot of potential, so please put another room there, that would look cool.
And now, I told you all about doing this and what's required to build it, and I leave the rest to you. That's it from me, I'm barely able to post this anyways!

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