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Whoop,here I Am (sorry I’m a bad speller/grammar and punctuation I’m sorry)


Hello community!! I’m wormadur I first played terraria when it first hit x-box 360. I am a purist gamer most of the time and I play video games to escape reality,not enter it (if I wanted to play sports.I’d go outside and play). I find predictable plots and repetion repulsive and dismal because how can a foreseen future contain any excitement.I’m more of an outside-the-box-thinker and value constructive criticism
Tree aria is my current favorite game b/c it’s always improving and the creators are constantly learning(the day one stops learning,is the day one forgets everything they know)
My biggest pet peeve and in my opinion is the most annoying trait a person can have is arrogance.I do my best to practice humilityam loyal to a fault.thank u for your time I’m homered to be a part of the community////

Moor Oakheart

Uh, welcome, Wormadur! Welcome to the forums.

Anyway, don't be sorry about your grammar. It's mostly understandable.
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