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why did you start to play terraria and when


Skeletron Prime
I can't believe THIS LATE in and we finally have a thread about it

I saw a kid playing some kind of 2D digging game on his HTC called "Terraria" in 2014 or 2013, in junior middle school. It look interesting but I have no idea what it was.

I started playing ... I can't remember. 2015 I think.
2015 we most have already have hardmode. perhaps the famous 1.2 update. Mobile Terraria logo was ... I can't remember.
I think it was the christmas update with a bit of snow and the default character with a pickaxe and some snow. anyway
THAT was the time I started playing.
I don't remember much, as there was no guidance of the game. Blowing up via explosive trap is certainly a thing (and still is a thing)
I remember finding a chest with a spear in it. I also remember hosting a multiplayer session and I gave my friend the spear
I think eventually i found enchanted boomerangs and stuff of that like. or the trident.
Then I quit for about a year. Then I think was the 1.2.4 update for mobile (after which is a gap of 5 years)
But I also remember a version where it is possible for you can have both crimson and corruption in the same world (naturally).
There were times when I decide to walk inside the dungeon without defeating skeletron. I was insta killed and learnt not to go to that area.
I remember trying the "curse" button (which go on to become a skeletron) and uselessly died.
After about a dozen times I learnt that I'd better lift his curse. And back then you can duplicate your saves on mobile with ease so what I am used to, is to either get 400 health and shadow armor, or 400 health, full set platinum armor and platinum sword/lights bane and defeat skeletron. I did not know what defeating it means, so I simply walked away.

Anyway, I had fought both the brain of Cthulhu and the eater of worlds countless times. And then I thought crimson is too much blood and gore for me so I walked away.

I was petrified because dungeon enemies should not spawn before defeating skeletron (because they will all be replaced with dungeon guardians instead). I tried blowing up the walls but couldn't. so I just went in, talked to the old man and defeated skeletron as fast as I could.

The horror came from a old experience on mobile when I was disarming a explosive trap generated underground in the dungeon wall. I stood inside the pit while I dig (which have dungeon walls behind it, which make it to be considered part of the dungeon), and before I knew I was suddenly killed by this enormous skull suddenly appearing out of the dark, moving very fast and spinning all the while, hitting 9.8K out of me (at that point it also hits 10K and not 1K)

Around the same stage I remembered going to the underworld once. I died via lava after killed what must be a voodoo demon and saw a bunch of monstrosity on the screen. But eventually I gathered the courage (or perhaps just stumbled to it after sloshing through underground jungle). I got a few hellstone and went on to duplicate a stack of it, but find that I need obsidian.
what is obsidian, anyway? but eventually I think I found a way of getting obsidian, and then I had full molten set, molten pickaxe, the fiery great sword.
then I found out this "night's edge" item in the crafting menu. it required a thing called "muramasa". I'm not sure what it was.

By that time I was playing the game without owning it. But then I asked my dad to give me $50 on apple account so I can buy the novels I wanted to read (which costed $20). So after that I thought since I "liked" playing terraria and Minecraft I might as well purchase those with the extra dollars.
So I did. And then I met a friend who had been playing terraria for long. he told me that the dungeon is safe to go after defeating skeletron, and the part about wall of flesh. But he didn't own terraria, so I downloaded him a copy with my apple ID.
I think I fight wall of flesh once without making any type of hell bridge. with a fiery greatsword or some sort i think. ended up uselessly dying. then i avoided the wall.
Since I now "have access" to dungeon I got the muramasa and the shadow key (amongst other stuff) like the ... mechanic.
I thought i only needed to collect mechanism for mechanic to appear. guess i was wrong.
so I had night's edge and I had molten set. I adventured to the underworld to take a peek at one of the shadow chests...
What was in it?
It must be the item from the first shadow chest I stumbled on -- or, at least its stats look incredible, which made me grab it.
At this point in game it will be essentially be the best item ever. it had immense pickaxe power, have equal damage compared to nights edge (and attack more than 4x as fast), and chop trees like lightning.
But that run end up fried.
anyhow, so now that I learned about wall of flesh and the drax, I thought i had began hardmode. or some sort.
Around the same time I began hardmode I had stumbled upon terraria wiki. And that brought me up online quite essentially.
Armed with drax, I started to look for chlorophyte. I spotted a single ore after about 15 minute of searching, and went on to duplicate a stack. or two stack.
then I trolled the mech bosses with chlorophyte claymore. I was never a ranger, nor a summoner or mage.
after that comes solar eclipse. Back then you need three broken hero swords for the terra blade, and they drop from frankensteins and swamp things.
the music was very great. I liked it to this day.
Then I had terra blade. I remembered to craft the fire gautlet, and went to jungle and fight plantera. first time i died but second time i won (and then died). I learned not to stay in one place as the spiky balls really hurts.
was it turtle armor? guess it wouldnt matter as turtle shell is available pre-mech-boss anyway. That save (which should go on and become my main on mobile) I had the first two angry trapper drop the uzi. i thought it was "great" but i was not a ranger.
I must have tried ranger at some point, but every time I do, I miss a dozen times. then I simply pretend that rangers don't exist.
I still misses often, although recently I was doing okay against eye of (copy-paste) Cthulhu on desktop with phoenix blaster.
I ... I can't remember how did I get that phoenix blaster. But it was unique, so I think I made it on this save.
Continue walk-down memory lane, I managed to beat golem. Man those eye lazer hurt like .. *wimpers*

Then I remembered hearing my friend's *frustrated noises* as I look over to his iPad screen to find bright lines of orange flame covering the screen, emerging from ... several flame traps. Those things used to have 45 block of reach.

Then I managed to beat duke fishron --- with the assistance of 20 heart statues and dungeon spikes. I think I got bubble gun as first drop (which have such strong stats that make even the terra blade seem weak)
But I went to dungeon before that -- so I already had the spectre set. I had both hood and mask, but i cant dodge, so I use hood and celestial cuffs with mask in vanity.
Then the mage carriedit through pumpkin moon. there is utterly no hope of wave 30 for frost moon with post-golem gear, even with full damage set (4 emblem setup!)

After some time I tried get the corruption key by farming eater of worlds in artificial corruption. I accidentally use another worm food while eater of worlds was alive and ...
A (filled) rectangle made up completely of blood(gore) particles appear on my character, and my character received 9999 damage. A "squish" sound was played. "Xavier died."
Horrible sight. Glad they changed this behavior in 1.3.

I tried to get Ocram. The fight felt like ... nothing. I just stood there swinging my terra blade while he releases servants of ocram. then he transforms and stuff. Then he died. I had 400 health remaining.
Second try, I dont know what happened. I died. But the important thing is that I have had soul of blight. so I went for dragon armor, titan armor and spectre armor.
By this point they are almost utterly pointless -- especially when I skipped the first three tier of ore and got to chlorophyte directly. But I got them for the sake of getting them.

I thought that was the save where I used about two stacks of blue solution and barely managed to erase all the crimson (including the natural one). I converted the natural crimson to a gigantic underground hallow structure (which include the reshape of all the tunnels and removal of blocades so as little Crimson is left as possible.

Then I started xmsx to get corruption. It did come with corruption, and the first thing I did is beat wof and a mech boss, then spray half of the world with purple solution.
"Ahhhh, at last." -- King Arthas

Then I started to farm exotic things on mobile. Non-functional depth meter and rifle scope (and binoculars). honeyed googles. stuff like that. Coin gun. Pirate Staff. Discout card.
I did not have a chance to get lucky coin. Nor the rod of discord -- says that the drop on mobile is broken. i dunno.

Around this time I started playin 1.3 PC. Nothing too special on world Homeland. I took the bubble gun (and/or razorblade typhoon) from mobile and went on a mage duel with lunatic cultist (and ufo mount). beat him in first try. then was immediatehly "brutally dissected in half by stroler" or "mangled by brain suckler."
I managed the nebula tower and got nebula blaze. Things goes well until I "was slain by Nebula Blaze Ex." Talk about "list of reflected projectiles".
Of course, eventually comes the god himself. "Xavier was removed from Homeland by Phantasmal Sphere."

Then mobile 1.3 arrived, I did the same thing I did on PC -- which was beat moon lord. Perhaps a few time. I got both lunar flare and sdmg.

Some time later, we shared world saves. When I loaded into his world I found a few things:
approx. 40 chests filled with unsorted garbage: (I must wrote these out because he refuse to organize things)​
3 stacks of antlion mandible with 10 stack of beenade and the rest obsidian skin potions in a chest​
7 stack of copper ore alongside mythical razorblade typhoon​
a chest filled 50% with unique wings (he like collecting those)​
a chest with warding hoverboard + 63 bass(fish), some random blocks (probably hay blocks and walls). coins, and a legendary chlorophyte sabre​
a chest with 6 dirt block with a orange bloodroot in a empty area​
a chest with mostly mechanic boss items and seaweed + tin can​
Swaths of crimson taking over jungle (ewwwwwwww.....)​
I eventually clean it up with TEdit. peace:dryadsmile:
Tombstones all over (the temple), along with some broken pieces of wiring.​
"Vikky was chopped up by spiky ball."​
"Vikky's flailing about was finally stopped by Flying Snake."​
I don't know since when do he decided to play as a ranger, but I found this tombstone in the desert:​
"Vikky 死了*."​
im not sure what happened at the last moment .. oh. he was flying around solar pillar.​
"Vikky was removed from ARe T by Crawtipede."​
I think he eventually beat the moon lord ... perhaps not. I remember his last time battling it with solar eruption in his npc house much like I did.
Then he didn't play for any longer. He never actually owned a copy of the game, though.

I started world spam as 1.4 arrive on mobile to look for a good world. I settled on the world "Midland of the Apple". Mid size. corruption. classic. seed 739406866.
Didn't do a single bit of mining because I thought the terrain was too great to ruin.
I spent about 5 hours and sat through everything he have to offer on ARe T. Then I spent an hour and sat through everything I had to offer on Homeland.
Since there are approx. 8 stack of copper ore, most of the structure in Midland of the Apple is made of copper plating. Including chandeliers. Rustic charm. I never thought they will look so great.
I had spent 110 hours on this 1.4 save with a new "Xavier" character. 80 on mobile and 30 on pc. Right now as I said I have one mech boss (destroyer) down, no altar smashed but have titanium set, and corruption and hallow contained. I will need to beef up the barrier, construct a arena, and fight the rest of the two mech boss.
During which I grinded about 20 hours of pirate afk (with bed set to a house in ocean biome so even if i got killed by pirate curse the event still carries on because the angler next door is protected). And, luckily, I got the lucky coin.
A "Armored Lucky Coin.". That was first time I see this item by myself in 5 years' time on this game. That felt like something.
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even though my name is a noob i started playing in 2013 im literally an OG i first saw it when my bestie me and him were 6 or 5 and absolutely destroying frost legion! :cool:


Skeletron Prime
Second try, I dont know what happened. I died.
Obviously he got pissed that he was defeated by someone standing still and decided to use more of his power.

I just saw my friend playing 1.2 on his tablet and was drawn straight into it a couple years ago. Although it was a few months until I got it for the 360 to truly play it for my first time.
Totally worth it. (although I am stuck on Plantera)
Eventually I got 3ds edition and DOMINATED due to getting an early Drax from a shadow chest.


The Destroyer
getting terrarai for free on my xbox 360( xbox live gold ftw) and hten a few years later in 2018 forgetting about it.then I played once a little bit and the memories started flooding back.I got it on pc to once and for all,complete the game.


well, my nephew showed me the game back in 2011, i immediately became a fan of it back then.

but i didn't actually PLAY it until it came out on console, which i think was 2013.

i just came across it one day while checking the PS store on my ps3 and instantly bought it.


Skeletron Prime
Back then there was a bug, where if you summon a goblin invasion sometimes it will "defeat" the frost legion for you.
I thought that message was trying to say that the goblins are very powerful and had defeated the frost legion on their way. i never thought the frost legion was a thing (lol)

Back then there was another bug, where if you swap the fishing bait with some other item (usually cheap things like dirt blocks), the other item will have the stats of the bait
Once I was fishing with some butterflies when I swapped some wooden platform with the butterfly. The platforms end up with (15% bait power). I tried placing the (wooden platform) into the world and they became butterflies -- of every single type.
So I went to the merchant and got a bug net, crafted even more wooden platforms and went farming butterflies. It was a stack of platforms and I managed to get 2 tree nymph right then. Felt like something.
And my friend used this same technique to obtain wooden platforms with 666% bait power (truffle worm). But because wooden platforms are not truffle worms, he can use these 666% wooden platform to fish out things like crazy. got 6 or 7 zyphr fish in about 5 hours of gaming (lol), and golden carps are the norm (60 some of them)

Also back then (but perhaps before 1.2.4), there is a bug that allow you to use projectile swords (like terra blade) as a fishing pole. You will "fish" out item as soon as the projectile hit the water surface, resulting in mass amount of loot.
Unfortunately it was patched later on. But it was not a huge deal since you can fish pre-hard (crates) and open them in hardmode for the hardmode loot anyway. You can still see some remnants of this bug (by performing steps to reproduce the bug) on how you can swing things (like terrablade) as a fishing pole. But depend on version, nothing might have happened when the projectile touch the water surface.
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I started playing it because it was a very diverse game, better minecraft since its bosses are more complete and that pixelated style, seriously who would not be attracted to such a game is one of the best I have played.
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