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Mobile Will Mobile Terraria get mods or texture packs?


You guys think we will ever get mods / texture packs for mobile? Minecraft Pocket edition did that too, so i dont see a problem there. Any of you know something? Thanks :D


The Destroyer
Considering how modded terraria is handled (you know, with a separate application), most likely not gonna happen
Also, the amount of keybindings mods can require

Unit One

Staff member
Hi everyone, I’ve gone ahead and combined all the threads that are asking about mods or texture packs on mobile into this one thread to keep the section more organized, I have stickied it so it’s easy to see, and I’ve edited the first post to include the official answer that we have right now...

As of Jan 2022 Texture Packs & Modding are not currently possible on Mobile. This is something the team will explore as we move forward - but we cannot currently make any promises one way or the other.
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