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Will the Player Suggestion Forums change? (Addressing the invisible elephant in the room)


Duke Fishron
Hello! To start things off, yes, I am aware this is more so a question than a suggestion, but in my defense I have no clue where to post this thread or even if there's a statement from the developers concerning this topic. So please have mercy if I made a mistake.

Anyways for all we know, 1.4 is the final update to Terraria. Therefore, making suggestions to Re-Logic is most likely pointless for the foreseeable future, as no further development is planned. So now a small, lingering question is sitting at the back of my mind; when moving forward, are there any plans for the Player Suggestions forum, or even the website as a whole?

If I absolutely had to make a suggestion, it would be something that would keep the game alive and well. Something from off the top of my head is repurposing the Player Suggestions forum into "Player Mod Suggestions/Concepts" (then perhaps even linking it somewhere in-game). The purpose of this is allowing the not code-savvy players to spread their ideas to the modding community. These changes may shift the community at large's behavior in a direction which could support and maintain the even more active and healthy playerbase that this game deserves.

I'm sorry if it's too early to start talking about this kind of stuff, or even if it's appropriate right now concerning Re-Logic has worked overtime to give us 1.4. But this is just a question I needed to get out of my head.

Thanks for reading :)


Well, my understanding is that 1.4 is supposed to be the last "Major" update. So, while I doubt there'll be very many new content additions going forward, I could imagine them implementing a few new QoL features from time to time.
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