Will you be there to face what comes next?

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As a reminder:
So the team is working on something BIG....

I found this on the news updates for DD2 discussing their future plans: http://store.steampowered.com/news/externalpost/steam_community_announcements/241332296598830295

We’re mid-stream in our four-phase plan to launch out of Early Access. Phase I was the campaign revamp, setting the stage for Phase II, which I like to call The Big Thing.” You may remember us laughing about this name during Devstream 66. The goal of “The Big Thing” is to get more new players into the game to help test out our Phase I changes. It’s also just really awesome. The marketing team has a media roll out plan, which has been a secret since February, so keep your eyes peeled!

Does this mean the crossover is purely marketing or is there a chance for the two to be intertwined somehow?

I felt like I should point out that both DD2 developers and the Terraria posts have referred to the exact same thing in a different way. Both of them released a teaser on the same day, claim it is big and if the trend continues, most likely have been working on this update since February. So to all those who still have doubts, I'm calling a 1.4 release for something a lot bigger than just a mere boss or event.

:red:ing cluthlu

i've seen a lot of cthulhu spelling errors but this one takes the :red:en cake
They need to make Hell harder. It spans the entire world horizontally, but there's almost no new content in hell, besides the red devils, past hardmode. Hopefully we get some expansions in hell soon.
Considering the effect around it, and its oval shape, i think its a portal. this IS suppose to come with an event so its entirely possible that its a portal and the event creatures come from it.
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