Will you be there to face what comes next?

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One thing I saw was that the stripes in the background seem to match those of the desert. Coincidence? I THINK NAWT.
This is a desert boss/event that's for sure,look at the background,most terraria players should know it is night time desert background.
Now the question is, WHAT, TYPE, OF, BOSS, IT, IS.
I... Actually have no clue about this one, honestly no clue, but my guess it is something that can go through blocks and can fly/(For events) A sandstorm related event?
The more I look at it the more I see a portal, and not some sort of event. (probably due to a certain video's influence)
Super Saiyan Vegeta is powering up in the middle of it. That's his Super Saiyan power flame aura. We're getting a new "Saiyan Invaisyan" event. Vegeta is the boss in the last wave.

If you make a new world named "Namek" afterwards, the trees are blue and the water is green, and you get to battle Frieza.
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