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PC Wind items

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Have you all seen the windy 1.3.6 spoiler? If not, watch it first.
I am here to suggest 3 new fun asthetic items to go with it. Here we go!!!
Bows in the direction of the wind. Raises up to 20 blocks but only where wind is. It will go through blocks

5 silk
10 rope
There are red, blue, and yellow ones.
Rotates with the wind
Sold by the party girl
Only works where there is wind
Can be hung from the floor or ceiling
The pinwheel will go faster in blizzards abd even faster in sandstorms.
Makes a noise in wind. Has a cooldown of 5 seconds. They play from left to right, so you can compose some jingles for entertainment.
1 lead/iron bar makes one.
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