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  1. Scooterboot9697

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    Your ideas are interesting, but I have no plans on revamping vanilla Terraria's core mechanics with this mod. Plus it's already set in stone that Energy Tanks are only a crafting material used to create the first suit/starting items, and nothing more. We are, however, toying with the implementation of Reserve Tanks from Super Metroid, but nothing about them is quite finalized yet.
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  2. Impzor The Starfox

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    Oh, ok then, I just suggested an idea, which could make possible way to make some maps with this mod. Well, anyway, GL with college, I hope you'll be good at the end on college :)
    But after college you should take a rest, this mod is already looks good enough, you deserve this.
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  3. Scooterboot9697

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    Oh, I forgot to mention that I actually already graduated from college back in December, and now I'm just dealing with living in general.
  4. Impzor The Starfox

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    Congrats! GL with living in general then, I'll hope, that you'll release this mod in public sooner. If later, I'll be OK with that :D
    This is the only mod, which I liked much more than others, even if isn't release yet, and for a while won't have post-ml content until patch with post-ml content.

    And a question: Will you have a some kind of "support title", like this one I have?
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  5. Scooterboot9697

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    Um, probably, yes.
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  6. ShadowTiger

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    Like the one in Scooterboot's signature? It's nice, but you never know what kind of creativity folks are capable of when it comes to creating banners.

    Inquiry, please!
    Perhaps it was my imagination, but someone may have said that there was a dungeon being worked on. Did that mean dungeon-building materials, such as the building blocks of Super Metroid or whatever? -- General blocks you could build Metroid games from?

    One of these days, I'll dabble in art for Terraria and make some for people. I've always wanted to do something like that.
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  7. Scooterboot9697

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    There will be a small Chozo ruins "dungeon" that will contain the Torizo. Currently said dungeon only consists of vanilla gray bricks, but we may look into giving it custom tiles. However, it does have custom doors.
    Still very WIP, though.
  8. Impzor The Starfox

    Impzor The Starfox Skeletron Prime

    So... This dungeon will have some upgrades, which you can't create by any way, or it is just like standard dungeon with boss at end?
  9. Joost8910

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    The upgrades are from the torizo itself. There's currently also a room with a chozo statue holding a random item and a missile tank behind it but that's about it currently.